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New PAHO Report Glosses Over Severity of Cholera Epidemic

This blog post discusses the Pan American Health Association’s lack of gravity in reporting the cholera statistics for the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Haiti in 2016. DR continues to suffer the consequences of the UN’s cholera epidemic in neighboring Haiti, Ecuador has experienced its first cholera case in 12 years, and Haiti’s number of cases is very large even without considering the fact that it’s an undercount. The post also alludes to the need for accountability in terms of the cause of the epidemic. Part of the post is below. Click HERE for the full text. PAHO: May 27 update on cholera in the Americas H5N1 June 1, 2016 Thanks to Dr. Ian Mackay for tweeting about this report from PAHO: 27 May 2016: Cholera – situation in the Americas. I gave up on PAHO’s cholera reports many years ago, when they […]

Cholera Cases Doubled in First Months of 2015

20 communes in Haiti are on red alert as cholera cases so far this year have double compared to last year. Clean water and proper sanitation continue to be major problems, causing cholera to persist in Haiti. The Pan American Health Organization is calling for increased financing but the United Nations (UN) continues to struggle to raise water and sanitation funds. Many believe that the lack of UN accountability for the epidemic is to blame for the funding trouble. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti: Cholera cases double from previous year Samuel Maxime, Haiti Sentinel March 30, 2015 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – Experts say Cholera will continue to kill and infect citizens as long as they lack access to clean water and sanitation. This information comes as suspected cases and deaths have doubled in January and February […]

Les craintes de résurgence du choléra en Haïti

Le Ministère de la santé a récemment publié des statistiques sur le choléra en Haïti. Ces statistiques indiquent une résurgence du choléra si les précautions nécessaires, telles que la décontamination de l’eau et des sérums orals, ne sont pas prises. Jusqu’ici, presque 9,000 personnes sont mortes du choléra et plus de 730,000 haïtiens ont été affectés. Partie de l’article est ci dessous. Cliquez ICI pour le texte complet. Haïti – Choléra : 20 communes en alerte rouge HaitiLibre 28 mars 2015  Les statistiques publiées par le Ministère de la santé publique et de la population (MSPP) indiquent une augmentation du nombre de cas de choléra vus pour le début de cette année. En effet, durant les 9 premières semaines épidémiologiques (Du 1er janvier au 28 février 2015), 7,833 cas suspects (4,149 en janvier 2015 et 3,684 en février 2015 comparé à 1629 en janvier 2014 et 1259 […]

PAHO/WHO Launches Cholera Vaccination Campaign in Haiti

The Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization have launched a cholera vaccination campaign targeting the 3 most vulnerable departments in Haiti. The organizations’ heads emphasize the need for improved water and sanitation to actually end the epidemic and state that “any death due to cholera is unacceptable.” Haiti to Launch Cholera Vaccination Push Caribbean Journal July 23, 2014 Haiti will be launching a major push to vaccinate citizens against cholera. The programme will target 200,000 people in three departments, starting in August. It will be supported by the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization. The vaccination campaign will be carried out in the Artibonite, Central and West departments, which were selected by Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and Population due to their place as “high risk zones.” “Vaccination is an important complementary measure in the […]

PAHO Urges Improved Water and Sanitation to Fight Cholera

Pan American Health Organization and WASH Advocates are urging international support for major improvements in water and sanitation in Haiti so that cholera may be prevented rather than simply treated. PAHO says that poor water and sanitation are what allowed cholera to spread so quickly in the first place and are the key to stopping the epidemic. Improved water and sanitation infrastructure key to controlling Haiti cholera Caribbean360 March 25, 2014 More than 700,000 people have been sickened by the disease and more than 8,500 have died up to mid-March 2014. WASHINGTON D.C., United States, Tuesday March 25, 2014, CMC – The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) says while Haiti has made significant progress in slowing the spread of cholera, controlling and eventually eliminating the disease will require major improvements in water and sanitation infrastructure. Representatives from PAHO and its partner […]

UN Refuses Service of Cholera Suit

Representatives of IJDH and Ira Kurzban’s law firm have been trying for months to serve the UN with the cholera lawsuit but the UN continues to avoid responsibility. Once again, the UN is receiving backlash for its slowness to deal with the cholera epidemic UN peacekeepers brought to Haiti. Florida groups criticize UN over cholera lawsuit Jennifer Kay, AP February 24, 2014 MIAMI (AP) – Haitian community advocates in South Florida say the United Nations’ lack of response to a lawsuit seeking compensation for cholera victims in Haiti is part of a pattern of evading responsibility for the outbreak. The Haitian Lawyers Association and Haitian Women of Miami filed a friend-of-the-court brief Friday in federal court in Manhattan. The brief supports a motion asking the court to affirm that the U.N. had been properly served with the lawsuit filed in […]

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