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Paramilitaries Attack a Police Station in Haiti

Before dawn on May 16, a group of paramilitaries attacked the police station in Haiti’s third-largest city, resulting in four deaths and many injuries. An interview with one of the attackers, Théléus, revealed that they were under the command of Guy Philippe, a Senate candidate who helped lead the 2004 coup d’ état and is wanted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for drug trafficking. Théléus said that this attack is part of a larger plan to attack police stations all over Haiti, create havoc, and overthrow the provisional president. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Guy Philippe’s Paramilitaries Launch Deadly Attack Against the Aux Cayes Police Station Yves Pierre-Louis, Haïti Liberté May 18, 2016 In the hours before dawn on Mon., May 16, 2016, heavily armed assailants, dressed in green and camouflage army uniforms, attacked the main […]

Ex-Soldier Killed in Clash with Election Protesters

On Friday, a group of former soldiers had an altercation with anti-government protesters which resulted in one ex-soldier’s death. While president Martelly has long promised to revive Haiti’s army, opponents are concerned about the army’s past involvement in repression and toppling governments. Former Soldiers Clash With Protesters in Haiti; 1 Dead David McFadden, AP, ABC News February 5, 2016 A band of former Haitian soldiers clashed Friday with a far larger gathering of anti-government demonstrators in the troubled country’s capital, resulting in the killing of an ex-member of the abolished military amid an ongoing political crisis. About 100 veterans of Haiti’s disbanded military and some younger supporters paraded through downtown streets of Port-au-Prince on Friday. A number wore faded green uniforms and carried rifles and pistols. When the ragtag group of ex-soldiers in pickup trucks passed near an anti-government protest with […]

How Duvalierism Persists Despite the Dictator’s Death

This article connects Duvalierism with many issues that are ongoing in Haiti, such as the lack of democratic elections and constant interference by foreign powers. It cites our work on prosecuting Duvalier, Fran Quigley’s book How Human Rights Can Build Haiti, and Haiti’s need for sovereignty. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. The Tyrant Jean-Claude Duvalier Is Dead, but His Legacy Still Lives in UN-Occupied Haiti Roger Annis, Truthout October 8, 2014 Jean-Claude Duvalier, the tyrant who ruled Haiti from 1971 to 1986, has died in Haiti at the age of 63. His death provides a moment for political reflection by the Haitian people, especially in view of the reality that so much of Duvalier’s harsh political legacy remains alive and well in the island country. A UN Security Council foreign military occupation has entered its 11th year. It […]

Foreign Lack of Accountability in Haiti

This article discusses not only the United Nations’ lack of accountability regarding the cholera epidemic in Haiti but also the general lack of accountability for political meddling in Haiti. For example, the 2004 coup was a major setback, and MINUSTAH arguably does more harm than good but continues to receive troops from USA, Canada, France, Spain and Brazil. When Will the UN Pay For Its Crimes in Haiti? When Will Anyone? Joe Emersberger, Canada Haiti Action Network July 28, 2014 Since 2010 the UN has been dodging responsibility for a cholera outbreak that has killed 8,500 Haitians and sickened more than 700,000. Nepalese soldiers with the UN “peacekeeping” forces caused the outbreak by allowing their sewage to leak into Haiti’s largest river. According to the UN itself, cholera could kill 2,000 more people in 2014. The UN now faces a […]

Ile a Vache Residents Fight to Keep Their Island

When Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and Minister of Tourism Stephanie Villedrouin started promoting tourism on Ile a Vache, they didn’t consider the farmers who live there. As the residents of the small island banded together and fought back, they began to be attacked by Haitian police and paramilitary. Children are even being kept from school due to fears of raids by armed men. Spread the word of this injustice so that these people can be protected and keep their land and livelihood. Land Grab at Ile a Vache: Haiti’s Peasants Fight Back Dady Chery, News Junkie Post March 1, 2014 Before Haiti’s Prime Minister declared all of Haiti’s offshore islands to be Zones of Tourism Development and Public Utility, he did not consult with the residents of the islands whose lands would be appropriated. Instead Mr. Laurent Lamothe went to a […]

Haiti Appeals Court Reinstates Crimes Against Humanity Charges Against Baby Doc Duvalier

The Center for Justice & Accountability sent a celebratory letter to their supporters about the Appeals Court reinstatement of human rights charges against Duvalier. Center for Justice & Accountability February 21, 2014 Dear Friends, Yesterday brought historic news!  After nearly a year of deliberation, the Court of Appeals of Port-au-Prince reinstated crimes against humanity charges in the prosecution of former Haitian dictatorJean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier. One of the most notorious dictators of the 20th Century, Duvalier ruled Haiti as “President for Life” from 1971-1986. During his reign he oversaw torture, extrajudicial killings, and forced disappearances on a massive scale. As a result of yesterday’s ruling, the victims and survivors of this brutal regime can hope – finally – to see Baby Doc held accountable for his crimes in a court of law. The appeals court applied international law, ruling that […]

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