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Building Health: An Interview with Jim Ansara

The Boston Network for International Development published an insightful interview with Jim Ansara, an IJDH adviser, collaborator and supporter. This interview explores “sustainability” in an incredibly interesting way. Jim has worked side by side with  Partners In Health (PIH) to build a community hospital in Mirebalais located in Haiti’s Central Plateau. It is the largest employer in central Haiti and the largest solar-powered hospital in the world. Build Health International founded by Jim Ansara, is a private operating foundation addressing the unique challenges of building healthcare infrastructure projects in remote and under resourced settings. Read More HERE Building Health: An Interview with Jim Ansara JON: Obviously I have gotten to know you a bit over the last few years and I am quite familiar with your work especially in connection with Partners in Health (PIH), but I wonder if we could […]

What’s Next with the UN’s New Cholera Plan?

Partners in Health, which has been treating Haiti’s cholera victims since the epidemic began in 2010, sat down with its senior health and policy advisor to answer some key questions after Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s apology and promise of further action. Dr. Ivers answers questions like: “What does the UN mean by material assistance?” and “How much did public pressure play a role in forcing the U.N.’s hand?” Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Dr. Louise Ivers on U.N.‘s Apology for Role in Cholera Epidemic Partners in Health December 14, 2016 One month before leaving office, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon apologized publicly for the United Nations’ role in the cholera outbreak that has killed 10,000 and sickened 800,000 in Haiti since 2010. Most important to Haitians and their allies, he also promised to right its past […]

MA Senators Markey and Forry Discuss Aid and Cholera Accountability at the State House

The week after Hurricane Matthew ravaged Haiti, Senators Ed Markey and Linda Dorcena Forry held a forum at the Massachusetts State House called “Eyes on Haiti.” In it, they discussed the response to Matthew, what Senator Markey had seen in his visit to Haiti after the hurricane, aid accountability, and justice for cholera. Senator Markey stated that he believes we are getting closer to justice for cholera, especially with the opportunity of Ban Ki-moon’s term ending soon, but the United Nations probably needs continued pressure to make it “do the right thing.” IJDH Executive Director Brian Concannon discussed how the lack of accountability caused Hurricane Matthew to devastate Haiti much more than surrounding countries that were hit. The next forum is planned for the first week of December. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. […]

UN Aid to Haiti for Cholera Long Overdue

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, a renewed effort is needed in an attempt to combat the cholera outbreak that has affected Haiti since 2010.  A more comprehensive plan is needed, and the UN must act quickly.  Haiti has waited six years for the UN to take accountability for its involvement, and the assistance needed for dealing with this crisis is long overdue. Part of the article is below.  Click HERE for the full text. The Clock is Ticking for the U.N. in Haiti Louise C. Ivers, Partners in Health  October 9, 2016 The clock is ticking for United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to have a lasting positive impact on Haiti and to lift the stain on his legacy there. The U.N. was responsible for starting a deadly cholera epidemic in Haiti that has killed at least 10,000 people so far. Mr. Ban recently conceded […]

After Admission of Involvement, the UN Must Do More for Cholera Victims

Thanks to Dr. Louise Ivers of Partners in Health for this Letter to the Editor describing how the United Nations can do much more for Haiti’s cholera victims, and calling on the UN to do so. Now that, almost six years later, the UN has admitted involvement in the cholera outbreak, it is time for real action. ————————- To make amends, the U.N. must provide funds to fight cholera in Haiti Dr. Louise Ivers (Letter to the Editor), The Washington Post August 26, 2016 Regarding the Aug. 19 editorial “The U.N. finally faces facts in Haiti”: The United Nations conceded that it played a role in a devastating cholera epidemic in Haiti six years ago and admitted that it should do “much more.” Contrition was long overdue. International experts reviewing the evidence (including a panel appointed by the United Nations) long […]

Civil Society Challenges UN Secretary-General Candidates to Take Accountability Pledge

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Beatrice Lindstrom, Esq., Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti,,+1-404-217-1302 Gill Mathurin, AIDS-Free World,, +1-646-924-1710  Civil Society Challenges UN Secretary-General Candidates to Take Accountability Pledge 37 Groups launch 5-part pledge on sexual exploitation and abuse, cholera   NEW YORK, July 28, 2016 — Thirty-seven civil society groups are calling on candidates for the next UN Secretary-General to take an Accountability Pledge that signals their commitment to building a more accountable and transparent United Nations. “The next Secretary-General faces the challenge of ensuring that the UN responds justly when its peacekeepers and staff abuse or harm the very people they are sent to protect. We ask all candidates vying to become the UN’s next leader to commit to championing accountability by publicly taking this pledge,” said Beatrice Lindstrom, Staff Attorney with the Institute for Justice […]

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