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American Public Health Association Urges UN Accountability for Cholera

Recognizing the serious consequences of poor water and sanitation in Haiti in regards to the cholera epidemic, the American Public Health Association (APHA) urges the United Nations to make funding for the National Plan against cholera its top priority. Without proper water and sanitation, cholera will continue to infect and kill Haitians endlessly. Given the UN’s responsibility for the epidemic by ignoring common knowledge of Haiti’s poor infrastructure and carelessly dumping its waste in Haiti in 2010, it is up to the UN to oversee the plan and make sure it’s fully funded. The abstract is below. Click HERE for the full article. The United Nations’ Accountability for its Role in the Haitian Cholera Epidemic American Public Health Association November 1, 2o16 Decades of neglect of water and sanitation infrastructure have left the Haitian population vulnerable to outbreaks of waterborne illness. […]

Code Blue plan to end impunity for peacekeeper sexual abuse

Code Blue has released a comprehensive plan to end impunity for UN peacekeeper sexual abuse by establishing special independent courts to deal with this issue. The plan aims to tackle the three largest issues surrounding peacekeeper sexual abuse: the historical and long-existing documentation of sexual abuse by peacekeeping personnel, the current system that allows perpetrators to escape prosecution, and the failure of the UN to address the underlying sturctural issues that allow for sexual abuse to occur. A Practical Plan to End Impunity for Peacekeeper Sexual Abuse Code Blue October 13, 2016 THE CODE BLUE CAMPAIGN IS ADVOCATING FOR A NEW, INDEPENDENT SYSTEM OF SPECIAL COURTS TO DEAL WITH SEXUAL ABUSE BY UN PEACEKEEPING PERSONNEL. THIS SOLUTION WILL PROVIDE IMPARTIAL JUSTICE FOR VICTIMS, THE ACCUSED, AND THE BATTERED POPULATIONS WHO CURRENTLY HAVE NO REAL RECOURSE TO JUSTICE. Download as a PDF October […]

UN Ordered to Take Responsibility for Roma Deaths. Haitians Next?

In 2010, United Nations peacekeepers brought cholera to Haiti. That is the same year that UN camps for Romas in Kosovo were demolished because the toxic land was making the residents sick. Thousands of Haitians and Romas have died or become ill through UN negligence and the UN is now beginning to take responsibility for what happened in Kosovo. Does this mean it will soon take responsibility for what happened in Haiti as well? There are many parallels between the two cases, as this article describes. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Will the UN ever accept responsibility for Haiti’s devastating cholera epidemic? Rosa Freedman & Nicolas Lemay-Hébert, The Conversation April 25, 2016 What happens when a humanitarian organisation meant to protect people instead causes them grave harm? That has long been the question where […]

Widespread Accusations of Sexual Exploitation Committed by UN Peacekeepers

This article sheds light on the sexual abuse perpetrated by UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic since 2014. According to the Washington Post, there have been 42 cases of sexual abuse or exploitation by UN soldiers in CAR since the start of the mission. This phenomenon does not limit itself to CAR, as similar cases have occurred in Kosovo, Liberia and Haiti. Indeed, in 2007, 114 members of the Sri Lankan peacekeeping contingent were accused of sexual exploitation during their mission in Haiti. The article denounces the inaction of the UN in investigating and prosecuting the implicated soldiers. Unfortunately, in repeated cases throughout the years, those who were often seen as saviors, have brought despair and horror to the people they were supposed to protect. Members of a U.N. peacekeeping force in the Central African Republic allegedly turned to […]

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