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Cholera and Blame in Rural Haiti

John A. Carroll, MD, January 27, 2012 And the medical books back then did not link cholera and the roles of social injustice and structural violence back then. And I doubt they do now. But during the last 15 months I have seen more cholera than I would ever want to and I know now that my old medical books were not exaggerating what cholera does to a person. Cholera kills lots of people around the world. The cholera bacteria makes a toxin that produces a secretory diarrhea that causes patients to lose incredible amounts of intestinal fluid and slip into shock. They lie in their vomit and stool and die unless they get intravenous rehydration quickly. And now cholera is very close to home. It’s not in some far away place any more. Cholera is in Haiti. Haiti […]

MINUSTAH in More Trouble in Haiti (Peoria Journal Star)

By: John A. Carroll, Peoria Journal Star Eric Jean Baptiste, former P-a-P mayoral candidate, is offering to pay lawyer’s fees for abused Haitian man. (Photo by John Carroll) At 6 AM on Monday morning, three days ago, I went to the little airport in Les Cayes, Haiti. I was getting ready to get on my commuter flight on Tortug Air to fly 40 minutes to Port-au-Prince. As I was waiting in the airport a UN (MINUSTAH) helicopter loudly landed on the little runway. I didn’t think much about it because it is not uncommon to see MINUSTAH soldiers in Les Cayes. UN (MINUSTAH) Helicopter, Les Cayes Airport–September 5, 2011 (Photo by John Carroll) As Tortug Air passengers started to board the 20 seats on the plane, I got up and started walking to the back door of the airport. Out […]

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