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Freedom House Report on Haiti Released

Freedom House recently published their 2015 report on Freedom in the World. Below is the overview of the section on Haiti. Haiti’s ratings decreased this year (down 1 point on a 7-point scale) because of the government’s failure to hold elections on time, harassment of human rights defenders and political opponents, and violence against media critical of the current administration. Click HERE for the full report. Freedom in the World 2015 Freedom House August 2015 OVERVIEW:  Legislative and municipal elections due in 2011 and 2013 were delayed for another year in 2014, causing Haiti to descend toward political crisis. As Haitians took to the streets in protest, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe resigned in December at the recommendation of a presidential commission. The double homicide of human rights defender Daniel Dorsainvil and his wife in February and the fruitless police investigation deepened […]

Aristide Summons Suspected to be Political Persecution

Former President Aristide’s supporters believe that the recent summons and arrest warrant issued against him are a ploy to discredit his political party, Fanmi Lavalas, in time for the upcoming elections. Aristide and his party are still very popular among the poor, the majority of Haiti’s population. IJDH’s Nicole Phillips, featured in this article, describes the situation. Supporters of Haiti’s Aristide accuse authorities of persecution David Adams, Reuters August 14, 2014 Supporters of former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide accused local authorities of political persecution after he was summoned before a judge on Wednesday for questioning in a money laundering case. Aristide’s lawyer, Mario Joseph, appeared in court to argue that the summons had not been properly served. But the judge failed to show up, according to Nicole Phillips, an attorney for the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH), who […]

Human Rights Groups Denounce Illegal Arrest of Haitian Lawyer André Michel

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mario Joseph, Av., Managing Attorney, Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI),, +011 509 2943 2106/07 (in Haiti, speaks French and Kreyol) Nicole Phillips, Esq., Staff Attorney, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH),, +011 509 4730 3359 (in Haiti, speaks English and French) Human Rights Groups Denounce Illegal Arrest of Haitian Lawyer André Michel (PORT-AU-PRINCE October 24, 2013)— Two human rights groups—the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) in Haiti and the U.S.-based Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH)— condemned Tuesday night’s arrest of Haitian lawyer André Michel as unlawful and politically-motivated. Mario Joseph, managing lawyer with the BAI, was in court with André Michel on Wednesday as one of his lawyers.  According to Joseph, “the police detained Attorney André Michel after 6 p.m. and without a valid warrant, which blatantly violates […]

Target Another Judicial Official Involved in Persecution

September 20, 2005 Half-Hour for Haiti: Target Another Judicial Official Involved in Persecution There are three big upcoming Haiti events, the first two in Washington DC: on Thursday, September 22, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation will present a panel discussion, “ Haiti: The Time For Action Is Now,” as part of its 35th Annual Legislative Conference at the Washington Convention Center, room 202B, from 12:30-1:30. On Friday, September 23, the International Tribunal on Haiti will come to order at 7PM at George Washington University, 1957 E St. NW. The third event will take place in dozens of communities worldwide, in support of demonstrations that day in Haiti: the September 30, International Day of Solidarity with Haiti. There are 22 confirmed events in four countries outside of Haiti so far, and many others developing. For more information, or to organize your […]

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