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Need for US Aid to Haiti Following Hurricane Matthew

Haiti, while still in the process of recovering from the destruction of the 2010 earthquake and fighting a subsequent cholera outbreak brought by UN peacekeepers, has been devastated by yet another natural disaster – Hurricane Matthew.  The US needs to provide aid, both financial and otherwise, to Haiti in this difficult time. Part of the article is below.  Click HERE for the full text. Inquirer Editorial: U.S. shouldn’t wait until the next disaster to do more for Haiti The Philadelphia Inquirer October 18, 2016 With so much happening in our country, including a pivotal presidential election and coastal states’ daunting recovery from Hurricane Matthew, maybe it’s understandable that the storm’s impact on Haiti has been an afterthought for many Americans. But the death and destruction in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation shouldn’t be ignored. The United States and Haiti were […]

How U.S. Government is Complicit in DR Citizenship Crisis

While the Obama administration has criticized Donald Trump’s threats to deport undocumented immigrants, it has allowed the Dominican Republic (DR) to not only do that but also to deport people who were considered Dominican citizens as recently as 2013! In a 2013 court ruling in DR, citizenship was officially stripped from anyone who did not have at least one DR-born parent (all the way back to 1929). This left an estimated 200,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent stateless. The US, however, continues to provide military aid to DR though DR’s military is often involved in deportations. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Click HERE to learn more about the citizenship issue. Inquirer editorial: Dominican Haitians are people without a country Editorial, Philadelphia Inquirer August 9, 2016 President Obama has been very critical of Republican presidential candidate […]

Annul Haiti’s elections and have free, fair vote

By Regine Theodat and Ted Oswald, Philadelphia Inquirer Last Sunday, Haiti held nationwide elections that were anything but inclusive, free, and fair. We have been on the ground since the campaigning began and observed at 12 locations during Sunday’s voting for president, the House of Deputies, and the Senate. Domestic and foreign powers pushed for elections by Nov. 28, but Haiti wasn’t ready. Setting the stage for the disaster was President Rene Preval. Instead of seating an electoral council chosen by provincial governments, as the law requires, Preval handpicked a Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) whose only loyalty was to Preval and his party INITE (Creole for Unity). The most egregious example of the CEP’s loyalty to INITE was its banning of competing party Fanmi Lavalas. It is the party of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the one most trusted by […]

Help wells up to solve a Haitian problem

By Melissa Dribben, Philadelphia Inquirer PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Three weeks after he nearly died of typhoid, Macelin Pajour rested with his mother in the flimsy shelter that since the earthquake has been their home. The thin flowered bedsheet tied to wooden poles filtered the sun but provided little relief from the midday heat. Macelin, 12, sat on a kindergartner’s wooden chair. His T-shirt advertising one of the city’s cell-phone companies hung loosely from the wire hanger of his bony shoulders and nearly reached his knotty knees. At his feet, a toy gecko lay on its side in the dirt. Speaking barely above a whisper, he described how he got sick. “I had a bad stomachache,” he said in Creole. “My head hurt.” The simplicity of his symptoms matched their elemental cause. Like millions of poor children around the world, he’d […]

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