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Timeline of Key Events in 2016 Haiti Elections

Below is part of the Center for Economic & Policy Research’s timeline for Haitian elections. It provides some important background information for understanding the elections scheduled for Sunday, November 20. Read the full article HERE. Haiti Election Primer, Part 1: Timeline of Key Events Jake Johnston, Center for Economic & Policy Research November 15th, 2016 Less than a week from now, on November 20, Haiti heads to the polls to choose a new president as well as dozens of legislative seats. The electoral process started in 2015 but has been repeatedly delayed and postponed due to post-election protests, candidates’ boycotts, and more recently Hurricane Matthew. The results of last October’s first-round presidential election were thrown out on the recommendation of an independent investigative commission that identified significant levels of fraud and other irregularities. Below is a timeline that traces the major […]

Latest Haiti Election News from IJDH & Partners’ Blog

What’s going on with Haiti’s elections? This latest News Roundup from the Haiti Elections Blog includes conflicts over the end of interim president Privert’s term; withdrawal of the European Union observers; political wrangling by former president Martelly’s party, PHTK; and more. Whether or not the international community will fight against a re-run of Haiti’s elections remains to be seen. Click HERE for the full News Roundup. Haiti Elections News Roundup – June 20 Haiti Elections Blog June 20, 2016 The end of interim President Jocelerme Privert’s 120-day term came and went on June 14 without any decision by Haiti’s parliament, leaving confusion in its wake. The disputes over extending Privert’s mandate spilled out into the streets, with some of his opponents hinting at the possibility of his removal by force. The international powers expressed their dismay at the political uncertainty created […]

Haiti Elections at a Standstill

After former Haitian President Michel Martelly’s term expired, Haiti seems unable to hold legitimate elections to elect a new president. Jovenel Moïse of the PHTK party (Martelly’s former party) was declared the front-runner after the first round of elections. However, the verification committee set up to monitor the 2016 elections found widespread fraud and irregularities in the election. Sir Ronald Sanders, who led a Special Mission on the Organisation of American States, remarked that the Haitian population would not see the results as democratic. What is perhaps even more perplexing is how little both the United Nations and the United States are involving themselves. Normally at the forefront of pushing countries to have valid elections, both actors have failed to emphasize that in these elections. Click HERE for the full article. — Commentary: Haiti: No moving out and moving on Sir Ronald Sanders, Caribbean News Now! June […]

According to Electoral Commission, Haiti’s Presidential Elections Were a Complete Disaster

On Monday, a five-member panel tasked with evaluating the vote announced its results after weeks of analyzing Haiti’s 2015 first-round presidential elections. They found that the number of untraceable votes surpassed the legitimate votes and recommended a re-run of the election, handing over their report to the revamped Provisional Electoral Council to make the final decision on whether or not to restart the presidential race from zero. Calling into question both the legitimacy of the specific 2015 presidential elections and the general electoral machine, the panel’s condemnation revives political tension in Haiti as the verdict exhibits the complete disregard for one-person-one-vote democracy in previous rounds. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti Panel Calls for Re-run of Presidential Elections Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald May 30, 2016 The results of Haiti’s contested first-round presidential elections were such a disaster that the process should recommence at […]

Soon-Coming Election Verification Results Will Revive Tensions in Haiti

The results from Haiti’s long-awaited verification commission are set to be published this Sunday after a month of analysis of the two rounds of elections in 2015. With the results, tensions are expected to escalate because no matter the recommendations of the commission, there will be a political faction that’s dissatisfied. It remains to be seen whether the elections will be rerun altogether, whether the fraudulent results from the second round will hold, or whether one or more candidates will be excluded from a final round. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Election Verification Results Expected this Weekend: What to Expect and What Comes Next? Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Watch May 27, 2016 This Sunday the month-long verification commission that is analyzing Haiti’s elections is expected to release its results. No matter the outcome, […]

Preuve de la Fraude dans les Élections Haïtiennes

Avec la nouvelle création de la commission de vérification qui a été récemment élu, le president provisoire Jocelerme Privere a pris les rênes tandis que la commission analyse les milliers de bulletins de vote qu’elle a reçus. La commission a pris un échantillon de 3,235 feuilles de vote à partir d’un total de plus de 13,000 feuilles. Le but de la commission est de vérifier s’il y a des activités frauduleuses qui aurait eu lieu. Selon Mathias Pierre, un ingénieur etcandidat à la présidentielle du Pitit Dessaline, il y a eu des preuves pour une élection truquée. Prétendument, 85 pour cent des procès-verbaux analysés par les membres de la commission eux révèlent des cas de fraudes. Dans un compte rendu composé de 45 votants, 41 votes sont destinés pour le candidat du PHTK, Jovenel Moïse. Mais, seulement 3 citoyens ont été enregistrés sur la list d’émargement. Pierre […]

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