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UN Still Not Screening Peacekeepers for Cholera

When they didn’t screen Nepalese peacekeepers for cholera, which is endemic in Nepal, the UN ended up causing a severe cholera outbreak in Haiti. Despite this and claiming to have learned their lesson, the UN still isn’t screening peacekeepers for cholera. UN Peacekeepers still not screened for cholera despite causing outbreak Tom Murphy, Humanosphere January 14, 2014 Cholera treatment centre in Les Cayes run by International Medical Corps. ECHO It has been four years since an earthquake devastated the small country of Haiti. More than three years have elapsed since a UN peacekeeping unit from Nepal introduced cholera to Haiti. Despite telling CNN otherwise, the UN is not taking steps to ensure its peacekeepers do not carry cholera from country to country. A ten year plan costing $2.2 billion is underway to ride the entire island of Hispaniola of cholera, […]

The fight against cholera: “In deep shit?”

Ayiti Kale Je July 24, 2013 Port-au-Prince – Lack of financing for a ten-year cholera eradication plan means that the disease will likely be endemic to Haiti for years to come. Cholera bacteria are spread by contaminated food, water and fecal matter. One of the essential parts of the US$2.2 billion National Plan for the Elimination of Cholera in Haiti is the financing for sanitation systems nationwide. The majority of Haitians – about eight million people – do not have access to a hygienic sanitation system. They defecate in the open, in fields, in ravines and on riverbanks. The capital region produces over 900 tons of human excreta every day, according to the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS). “Haiti is the only country in the entire world whose sanitation coverage decreased in the last decade,” said Dr. Rishi Rattan, a member […]

MINUSTAH’s Role in Reintroducing Cholera into Haiti

Rishi Rattan, Physicians for Haiti Before October 2010, there had been no reported cases of cholera in Haiti for half a century. As of January 2012, the Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (MSPP), Haiti’s Ministry of Health, reported that the cholera epidemic had claimed over 7,000 lives. Over half a million cases have been documented. Lack of infrastructure combined with a median attack rate of 5 percent, and currently as high as 32% in some regions, prevent recording of all cases, leading to underreporting. From Haiti, cholera has spread to the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Florida, and Massachusetts. Despite an overall decrease in incidence, the epidemic is projected to continue until two thousand fourteen. Since the birth of epidemiology during an English cholera epidemic in 1854, a foundation of control and prevention is identification and removal of the source. Taken as a whole, research published in peer-reviewed journals and findings of […]

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