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POHDH Preliminary Report on the Election Rollout of August 9, 2015

One of Haiti’s large human rights organizations, POHDH released the following report (this is an unofficial translation) on the August 9th round of legislative elections. The report ends with recommendations for the Provisional Electoral Council, the Haitian government, officials working in the justice system, and political parties and candidates so that the electoral process may be improved. Klike ISI pou rapò orijinal la, an kreyòl. POHDH Preliminary Report on the Election Rollout of August 9, 2015 Plan: I-    Context of the realization of the legislative elections II-   General notes on the voting day of August 9 III-  Rollout of the process for each department IV-  Behavior of other electoral observation missions V-   Commentary on the electoral process and the voting day of August 9 VI-  Recommendations   I-  Context of the realization of the legislative elections The […]

Lessons Learned from Post-Quake Aid Failures

This article describes the failures of foreign aid in Haiti, particularly after the 2010 earthquake. Though billions of dollars were donated or promised, not much change has occurred. A large part of this is due to lack of accountability in distributing those funds. Human rights activists still have faith that learning from those lessons will one day create a better Haiti. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. How Humanitarian Aid Weakened Post-Earthquake Haiti Michelle Chen, The Nation September 2, 2014 More than four years after Port-au-Prince crumbled to the ground, last month’s meeting with a delegation from the American Chamber of Commerce seemed to mark Haiti’s steady new pathway to recovery. Business elites posed for photo-ops and affirmed President Michel Martelly’s goal to “make Haiti an emerging country by 2030.” Elsewhere on the island, tens of thousands had yet to […]

Human Rights Defender Murder is Part of a Pattern

The recent murder of human rights activist Daniel Dorsanvil and his wife is part of a pattern of threats, intimidation, and even murder of those who have attempted to stand up to human rights violations in Haiti. In this article, IJDH’s own Nicole Phillips outlines those violations, steps that international organizations have taken against them, and how the Martelly government can help. Leading Human Rights Activist Daniel Dorsainvil and Wife Killed in Haiti Nicole Phillips, RYOT News February 18, 2014 On Saturday afternoon, February 8, 2014, Daniel Dorsainvil and his wife Girldy Lareche were shot and killed on a street in Port-au-Prince by an unidentified man who fled the scene on a motorcycle.  The double homicide left three children without their parents, and sent shock waves throughout Haiti. Haitian police have not confirmed the identity of the killer or a motive […]

Communiqué de presse DOP sur l’assassinat du 8 février

Communiqué de presse du Defenseurs des Opprimés (DOP) sur le double meurtre du Daniel Dorsainvil et son épouse le 8 février. Haiti, encore des victimes ! C’ en est trop … Me Patrice Florvilus, Av, Defenseurs des Opprimés 11 février 2014 Défenseurs des Opprimées- Opprimés ( DOP) apprend avec amertume et consternation les nouvelles de l’assassinat de Daniel Dorsainvil et de son épouse Girldy Larêche le samedi 8 fèvrier 2014 à Port-au-Prince . Monsieur Dorsainvil et son épouse , selon les informations, sont assassinés non loin de leur domicile . Les assassins de ce couple ont eu le temps de s’enfuir prendre comme d’habitude , sans aucune inquiétude . Monsieur Dorsainvil a été atteint d’ un projectile à la poitrine alors que sa femme , pour sa part, a été criblée de cinq (5) balles selon les informations rapportées par le […]

Haiti Police Investigate Murders of Daniel Dorsinvil and Wife

Human rights leader Daniel Dorsinvil and his wife were shot and killed February 8th while walking in Port-au-Prince. Many believe this was an attack on the human rights community, as other Haitian human rights defenders have faced constant threats and intimidation in the past. Police in Haiti probe killing of rights activist San Antonio Express February 10, 2014 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Police detectives are investigating the slaying of a human rights activist and his wife, Haitian authorities said Monday. Police spokesman Gary Desrosiers told Radio Caraibes that Daniel Dorsinvil and Girldy Lareche were killed Saturday by a lone gunman as they walked through a residential neighborhood in the capital, Port-au-Prince. Desrosiers didn’t cite a motive for the killing, though he acknowledged reports that the couple were either killed in a robbery or targeted because of the husband’s activism. Dorsinvil was coordinator […]

Human Rights Defender, Daniel Dorsinvil, and Wife Murdered

February 8th, during a walk in Port-au-Prince, Daniel Dorsinvil and his wife were shot and killed. Many are calling this double murder an attack on the human rights community. Human rights leader and wife assassinated The Sentinel Staff, The Sentinel February 10, 2014 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – The general coordinator of an organization comprising eight of the largest human rights organizations in Haiti was shot dead, along with his wife, in Port-au-Prince Saturday. Daniel Dorsinvil and his wife Girldy Larêche were walking in Canapé Vert, an office and business district in Port-au-Prince, on Saturday at 2 in the afternoon when they were coldly gunned down by unknown individuals. Dorsinvil is the General Coordinator of the Platform of Haitian Human Rights Organizations (POHDH), a coalition of Haiti’s human rights organizations that include the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH). The two […]

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