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Clinton Urges Aid Groups to Make Haiti Self-Sufficient

By Robin Caldwell In his service as a special envoy to Haiti, former President Bill Clinton spoke to aids groups serving the earthquake-devastated country on Thursday. He asked groups to focus their energies on assistance that enables Haiti to become a self-sufficient nation. “Every time we spend a dollar in Haiti from now on we have to ask ourselves, ‘Does this have a long-term return? Are we helping them become more self-sufficient? … Are we serious about working ourselves out of a job?’” Clinton said. As a part of this request, Clinton asked the groups to designate 10% of their budgets to Haitian government salaries and employee training. The special United Nations envoy also asked that focus be given to communities and municipalities outside of Port-au-Prince, the capitol of Haiti, in order for the desecrated area to rebuild. And Clinton […]

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