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Tell Congress that DR Intimidating Dominican-Americans Is Unacceptable

The action below was shared by a group called Rights 4 ALL in DR, which led an Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill to raise awareness of the situation in the Dominican Republic. When the Dominican government heard that Dominican author Junot Diaz participated in the Advocacy Day, it stripped Diaz of the Citizens of Merit award he was given in 2009. Let Congress know that DR intimidating Dominican-Americans is unacceptable Rights 4 ALL in DR October 26, 2015 As you may have heard by now, in response to Junot Diaz’s participation in Advocacy Day, the Dominican consulate came out with a strong statement calling “anti- Dominican” and stripping him of the Citizens of Merit award he’d been given in 2009. This is clearly an intimidation tactic to get the rest of you to “stay in your place”, but it is also an […]

DR Government Revokes Award in Retaliation for Human Rights Advocacy

Dominican author Junot Díaz has been an outspoken critic of the Dominican Republic’s stripping of citizenship from generations of Dominicans. Now, the DR government has revoked an award they gave to Díaz in 2009, and a Dominican consul has labelled him “anti-Dominican.” This is not the first incidence of harassment of Díaz, or other advocates for that matter, for standing up for Dominicans of Haitian descent. Read more about it below. Dominican Consulate Lashes Out At Junot Diaz Over Support For Haitian-Descended Dominicans The writer opposes the Dominican Republic’s efforts to revoke the citizenship of Haitian-descended Dominicans. Roque Planas, The Huffington Post October 23, 2015 Eduaro Selman, the Dominican consul of New York, revoked an award from Junot Diaz on Thursday because the writer publicly opposes the Dominican Republic’s efforts to strip citizenship from people of Haitian descent. The New York […]

200 personnes et organisations soutiennent Aristide dans une lettre ouverte

Récemment, plus de 200 personnes et organisations ont paraphé une lettre ouverte de soutien a l’ancien président Jean-Bertrand Aristide. L’acteur américain, Danny Glover, est l’un des signataires et il a écrit un autre article excellent sur ce sujet. Cet article décrit les autres signataires et les développements récents concernant Aristide. Haïti-Justice : Deux cents personnalités et institutions dans le monde apportent leur soutien à Aristide La plainte contre le juge Lamarre Bélizaire « n’est pas encore évacuée », selon le président du Cspj AlterPresse 22 septembre 2014 P-au-P, 22 sept. 2014 [AlterPresse] — Plus de 200 personnalités, associations et organisations dans le monde, ont paraphé une lettre ouverte de soutien à l’ancien président Jean-Bertrand Aristide, visé par la justice pour corruption et trafic de drogue, entre autres. « Arrêtez les attaques contre le président Aristide et le mouvement Lavalas », demandent ces personnalités […]

Danny Glover Says Stop Persecuting Aristide

Actor, Producer, and humanitarian Danny Glover has joined in the call to end the political harassment of former president Aristide. In this article, Glover describes US involvement in the 2004 coup against Aristide and in supporting the current president in the deeply-flawed 2011 elections. Finally, he calls for the US government to “stop standing in the way of the popular will of the Haitian people.” Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Stop the Political Persecution of Aristide and Fanmi Lavalas Once and for All Danny Glover, The World Post September 19, 2014 In March of 2011 I accompanied Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide on his trip home to Haiti following years of forced exile in South Africa. I did so in support of Haitian democracy and Aristide’s civil rights, and in protest against my country’s role in illegally removing […]

Supporters Petition to End Political Harassment Against Aristide

In recent months, old charges of corruption have been brought against former President Aristide again. Charges of this nature are usually dropped before Aristide can challenge them in court. Now, Aristide supporters all over the world have come together against the latest political harassment campaign. Part of the petition is below. Click HERE for the full text and list of signers. As former Haitian President Aristide is placed on house arrest, supporters worldwide demand immediate halt to attacks on him and Lavalas Movement By the Haiti Action Committee, in The San Francisco Bay View September 13, 2014 On Aug. 21, Haitian police wearing black masks and carrying heavy arms appeared in front of the home of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide as a Haitian judge issued calls to arrest him. Hundreds of people courageously surrounded the house to protect him. One week before, […]

Aristide Supporters Rally Against His Arrest

September 11th in Haiti, Aristide supporters remembered a massacre that occurred at former President Aristide’s church, St. Jean Bosco, in 1988. There are still rumors of an arrest warrant against Aristide but the Haitian National Police have made no attempt to arrest the ex-president. Supporters maintain that the alleged warrant is an attempt to intimidate Aristide’s political party, Fanmi Lavalas, in time for the upcoming elections. Hear more about this situation in our August 14th conference call. Haitian ex-president supported amid arrest fears Evens Sanon, AP September 11, 2014 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) – Supporters of former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide rallied Thursday at the site of an infamous church massacre and outside his home as the ousted ex-leader faced possible arrest for failing to appear at a court hearing. The rallies were intended to mark the anniversary of the deadly attack […]

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