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Questionnaire for States and Civil Society to Assist in the Preparation of the Annual Overview of the Human Rights Situation in the Hemisphere

We are grateful for the opportunity to present our joint submission to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) regarding the human rights situation in Haiti. In it, we focus on lack of accountability for human rights violations by the Haitian National Police and Duvalier regime, as well as threats to human rights defenders, poor prison conditions, and examples of compliance to IACHR precautionary measures for women and girls. Part of the submission text is below. Click HERE for the full text. Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Questionnaire for States and Civil Society to Assist in the Preparation of the Annual Overview of the Human Rights Situation in the Hemisphere February 23, 2015 Joint Submission by the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux and the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti The Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) is a human rights organization based in […]

Amnesty exhorte la protection des droits humains en Haïti

Amnesty International reconnaît l’importance des élections en Haïti, mais l’organisation exhorte également le nouveau Premier ministre de ne pas oublier les droits humains. De le droit de manifester pacifiquement à le droit au logement, Amnesty decrit le situation des droits humains en Haïti. Dans cette lettre, Amnesty rappelle au premier ministre pourquoi la protection de ces droits est particulièrement crucial en ces temps politiques précaires. Partie de la lettre est ci-dessous. Cliquez ICI pour l’originale. Click HERE for the English version. Lettre ouverte à Evans Paul, nouveau Premier ministre d’Haïti : Faites des droits humains la priorité de votre nouveau gouvernement. Erika Guevara Rosas, Amnesty International 2 fevrier 2015 Monsieur le Premier ministre, Amnesty International vous écrit pour mettre en lumière certaines des questions relatives aux droits humains qui, selon notre organisation, doivent être résolues en priorité par votre gouvernement. Nous comprenons que […]

Why Haiti’s Justice System Must Be Fixed

The targeting of poor people and political dissidents for arrest and prolonged detention is a major problem in Haiti. The Martelly administration has used these tactics to silence political opponents and limit freedom of speech in Haiti. Widespread corruption means a political prisoner may spend years in prison without a trial. Haiti’s justice system must be reformed so this is no longer possible. Part of the post is below. Click HERE for the full text. Guest post: The Targeted Arrest and Detention of Political Prisoners in Haiti Morenike Fajana & Nicole Phillips, Fair Trials International January 12, 2015 A combination of Haiti’s weak criminal justice system and dismal prison conditions creates a dire situation for Haitians accused of a crime. Haitian prisoners – the majority of which have yet to be charged with a crime – suffer prolonged pre-trial detention in over-crowded, unhygienic, and unsanitary conditions unless […]

No Money, No Justice?

December 31, 2014 “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Mahatma Gandhi- Dear Friend, My name is Vladimir Laguerre and I am a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I am the former Foreign Media Liaison Chief to Haiti’s current President [2011-2013]. Before that, I was a sports commentator for Telemax and Tele Métropole in Port-au-Prince and a contractor for the New York Times covering Haiti. My work at the New York Times gave me the chance to better understand how BAI and IJDH’s work is important for establishing prosperity and stability in Haiti. Who can forget the role of these organizations before, during and even after the Raboteau trial? Who can ignore the role of BAI and IJDH in providing justice to the thousands of Haitian victims of MINUSTAH’s cholera?I’d like to take […]

BAI Frees Haitian Political Prisoner

The Haitian political prisoner Jean Robert Vincent was freed on December 30, 2014 after 29 months in detention in Haiti. Vincent was arrested on July 27, 2012 while leaving the BAI office in Port-au-Prince. He was accused of conspiracy against the security of the state. BAI has been fighting his case since that time. The day after Vincent’s BAI attorney was able to argue his case in court, he was finally released.

Jean Robert Vincent, prisonnier politique, finalement libéré

Félicitations à le Bureau des Avocats Internationaux pour leur récent succès en aidant à libérer Jean Robert Vincent. Vincent a été un prisonnier politique depuis 2012, dans le Pénitencier national. Partie de l’article est ci dessous. Cliquez ICI pour le texte complete. Haïti-Politique : Libération de Jean Robert Vincent par la justice après plus de deux ans d’incarcération AlterPresse December 31, 2014 P-au-P, 31 déc. 2014 [AlterPresse] — Le prisonnier d’opinion Jean Robert Vincent a finalement recouvré sa liberté le mardi 30 décembre, après plus de deux ans d’incarcération dans les geôles de la première prison civile de Port-au-Prince, le Pénitencier national, (au centre de la Capitale) apprend AlterPresse. Jean Robert Vincent a été arrêté au mois de février 2012, pour avoir distribué des tracts contre le régime de Michel Martelly. …   Cliquez ICI pour le texte complete.

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