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Haitian Seeking Justice Against Criminal Ex-Mayor Dies Suddenly

One of the three plaintiffs in the case against a former Haitian mayor who engaged in political repression and murder has died suddenly in Haiti. The plaintiff, Nissage Martyr, had had a leg amputated after Viliena (the former Mayor)’s gang beat at and shot at him for his involvement in a community radio station. Martyr received repeated threats from Viliena’s associates but, unable to find justice in the Haitian legal system, he and the other plaintiffs were able to begin the legal process in Massachusetts where Viliena was hiding. Now, Martyr’s lawyers are calling for an investigation into his sudden death. Plaintiff in Boston Lawsuit Against Former Haitian Mayor Dies Reuters, The New York Times March 25, 2017 (Reuters) – One of three Haitian men who recently sued the former mayor of their village accusing him in Boston federal court of […]

Former Haitian Mayor Hiding in Massachusetts Sued for Human Rights Violations

Jean Morose Viliena fled Haiti when he was indicted on murder, battery and property destruction charges by Haitian courts in 2009. Since then, he has apparently been working as a licensed school bus driver and an Uber driver in Massachusetts, despite his history of silencing political dissidents in the town he oversaw. Instead of being prosecuted for his crimes, the Martelly government appointed Viliena mayor of Les Irois in 2012. Now that there is a case against Viliena in the U.S., this will be a test for Haiti’s new government to see whether it will allow human rights abusers to continue getting away with their crimes. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Boston bus driver and former mayor in Haiti sued for human rights abuses in U.S. court Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald March 23, 2017 A […]

Duvalier Regime Investigations Must Continue Despite His Death

Amnesty International insists that Duvalier’s death must not result in impunity for the crimes committed by his brutal regime. His collaborators must be prosecuted so that the victims can have justice. Amnesty also notes the disrespect for the victims evident in President Martelly’s statements about Duvalier and lack of will to prosecute him. Part of the press release is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti: The truth must not die with Jean-Claude Duvalier Amnesty International October 7, 2014 The death of former Haitian ruler Jean-Claude Duvalier must not halt the investigations and prosecutions owed to thousands of people killed, tortured, arbitrarily arrested and disappeared under his regime, said Amnesty International today. “The death of Jean-Claude Duvalier must not be used to brush away the crimes committed under his regime. An entire network of volunteer militia and state authorities are also suspected […]

Assassinat Hier Mardi du Dr Ronald Joseph, Dirigeant de la KID (Radio Métropole Haïti)

Radio Métropole Haïti personnel L’un des dirigeants du parti Konvansyon Inite Demokratik (KID) et ancien Directeur General de l’ONA, Ronald Joseph a été assassiné hier mardi. Des témoins affirment que l’ancien directeur général l’Office National d’Assurance vieillesse (ONA) a été attaqué par des inconnus au bas de Lalue à Port-au-Prince alors qu’il attendait un taxi. Evans Paul rejette la thèse faisant croire que les agresseurs auraient agi dans l’intention de voler la victime qu’il a d’ailleurs présentée comme un honnête citoyen. Le secrétaire général de la KID dénonce le meurtre de son compagnon de lutte, Jn Ronald Joseph qui selon lui serait politique. Médecin de formation, Ronald Joseph avait dirigé l’Office National d’Assurance vieillesse (ONA) durant la période de transition après le départ de Jean Bertrand Aristide. La police a annoncé l’ouverture d’ une enquête afin de retrouver le ou […]

Gang Killings May Be Political, Washington Times, July 14, 2006

By Reed Lindsay, THE WASHINGTON TIMES July 14, 2006 Gang killings may be political � GRAND RAVINE, Haiti — The killings began before dawn. Gunmen walked through this hillside slum warning of a fire and yelling for residents to come out of their cinder block and sheet-metal shacks. Those who followed their advice were fatally shot. Hours later, morgue workers and United Nations’ peacekeepers piled corpses in one of the slum’s main thoroughfares, a rocky streambed at the bottom of the ravine for which this neighborhood is named. The body count totaled 21, including three women and four children. Most of the victims were killed execution-style with a single bullet to the head. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Jean Gabriel Ambrose, the Port-au-Prince justice of the peace. “What is shocking is that all of the victims appear to have […]

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