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Haiti’s Extreme Prison Conditions Reach Australian News

Haiti’s prisons were already overcrowded but conditions worsened after the 2010 earthquake, which aggravated the backlog of paper work by destroying several government buildings. Many of the prisoners have never even seen a judge and even men who have been approved for discharge remain in prison due to conflicts in their paperwork. This article shows why improvements in Haiti’s judicial system are so necessary. Part of the article is below. Read the full article here. Haiti’s Prison from Hell: ‘I can’t cope, I have no-one’ Debra Killalea, April 4, 2017 IT’S so overcrowded there’s barely room to move. Dozens of men are crammed into cells for hours on end, some without access to a toilet. Welcome to Haiti’s National Penitentiary. Regarded as one of the most overcrowded prisons in the world, Dateline reporter Seyi Rhodes goes inside and discovers the […]

Mass Funeral for Haitians Who Died from Deplorable Prison Conditions

This article describes the scene at and context for a mass funeral the Port-au-Prince chief prosecutor put on for people who died at the National Penitentiary. Already known for the worst overcrowding in the world, Haiti’s prisons are facing even more of a hunger and malnutrition crisis lately. The majority of the prisoners have never been seen by a judge, including most of the ones in the mass funeral. Haiti’s government has a responsibility to offer basic services to its prisoners, and the problem of pre-trial detention urgently needs to be addressed. Mass funeral held for 20 Haitians who died in dismal prison David McFadden, ABC News February 21, 2017 Relatives wailed in grief or stared stoically as flowers were placed on 20 caskets at a mass funeral for the latest group of inmates who died miserably in Haiti’s largest prison, […]

Pretrial Detention and Malnutrition in Haiti’s Prisons

Haiti’s prisons are the most crowded in the world, with 454% occupancy. This leads to many kinds of preventable diseases, as well as malnutrition from the strain on resources at the prisons. Malnutrition has become even more of a problem recently, as Haiti faces a food shortage. Many of the inmates have not been before a judge yet: Pretrial detention is a rampant problem in Haiti’s justice system. As IJDH Director Brian Concannon describes, there is not much incentive for this to change because even the families of innocent inmates are roped into paying bribes to get their loved ones out of prison. Part of the article is bellow. Click HERE for the full text. AP Exclusive” Malnutrition killing inmates in Haiti jails David McFadden, The Washington Post February 20, 2017 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Dozens of emaciated men with sunken […]

UN Independent Expert Details Human Rights Issues in Haiti

Below is a report from the Independent Expert on the Situation of Human Rights in Haiti, Gustavo Gallón. In the report, Gallón highlights five key aspects of human rights in Haiti: social inequality and economic, social and cultural rights; liberty, deprivation of liberty and detention conditions; institutional weakness as it pertains to the rule of law; impunity and violations committed in the past; and humanitarian crises linked to other factors having an impact on human rights. Of note are Gallón’s analysis on the cholera epidemic, the statelessness crisis that has brought countless Haitians and Dominicans to Haiti, and the electoral crisis. Part of the report is below. Click HERE for the full text. February 12, 2016 Report of the Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Haiti Note by the Secretariat The Independent Expert on the situation of human […]

Demand Justice for Illegally Detained Haitian in Bahamas

During an immigration raid in the Bahamas, a Haitian national was shot in the back of the neck, allegedly by an immigration official. Though he, Jean Marie Julien, was acquitted of illegal entry into the Bahamas, he remains in a detention center where his lawyers fear he will be tortured and mistreated. The shooting also was never investigated. Amnesty International calls on you to demand justice for Mr. Justilien. Part of the Urgent Action is below. Click HERE for the full document. BAHAMAS: UNLAWFULLY DETAINED MIGRANT AT RISK: JEAN MARIE JUSTILIEN Amnesty International December 4, 2015 Jean Marie Justilien, a Haitian national, was shot in the back of the neck during an immigration raid in June 2015, and detained and charged with illegal entry into the Bahamas. On 2 December he was found not guilty, but was transferred to Carmichael […]

Un Expert Indépendent de l’Onu analyse les droits humains en Haïti

Ci-dessous est partie d’une déclaration par l’Expert Indépendent pour la situation des droits de l’homme en Haïti, M. Gustavo Gallon. Dans le rapport, M. Gallon souligne l’analphabétisme, la détention préventive prolongée, l’absence d’élections, la réparation des violations des droits humains du passé, et les conditions de vie des déplacés internes comme cinq sujets très importants pour les droits humains en Haïti. Ses recommandations comprennent la création d’une commission de vérité et réparation pour les victimes du choléra, et la continuation du procès initié contre Jean-Claude Duvalier après son décès, contre ses consorts. Cliquez ICI pour le texte complet. CONFERENCE DE PRESSE DE L’EXPERT INDEPENDANT DES NATIONS UNIES SUR LA SITUATION DES DROITS DE L’HOMME EN HAITI MINUSTAH 15 septembre 2015 Permettez-moi de rendre une synthèse des impressions que j’ai eu à l’occasion de cette quatrième visite au pays en tant qu’Expert indépendant sur la situation des droits […]

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