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The Conditions in Haiti Prisons Is Deplorable

 The Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) along with its sister organization the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) continues to fight for Haiti’s prisoners’ rights by challenging the country’s justice system to respect the fundamental human rights of every single Haitian citizen.  We invite you to watch this 60-second video produced by our partner the New Media Advocacy Project titled “The Men of the Cell 5.”

Haiti’s Extreme Prison Conditions Reach Australian News

Haiti’s prisons were already overcrowded but conditions worsened after the 2010 earthquake, which aggravated the backlog of paper work by destroying several government buildings. Many of the prisoners have never even seen a judge and even men who have been approved for discharge remain in prison due to conflicts in their paperwork. This article shows why improvements in Haiti’s judicial system are so necessary. Part of the article is below. Read the full article here. Haiti’s Prison from Hell: ‘I can’t cope, I have no-one’ Debra Killalea, April 4, 2017 IT’S so overcrowded there’s barely room to move. Dozens of men are crammed into cells for hours on end, some without access to a toilet. Welcome to Haiti’s National Penitentiary. Regarded as one of the most overcrowded prisons in the world, Dateline reporter Seyi Rhodes goes inside and discovers the […]

Gallón’s Cholera Accountability Demands Reveal Debate Within UN

UN Human Rights Expert Gustavo Gallón surprised many when he stood up for cholera victims in a report on Haiti. The otherwise-ordinary report called for compensation of victims and punishment of those responsible. These statements are the strongest so far in a time of increasing support from current and former UN officials. Immune Response R.R.L., The Economist March 4, 2014 LAST month the United Nations’ Independent Expert on Human Rights in Haiti delivered his annual assessment (French version here) of the state of the poorest country in the Americas. Gustavo Gallon, a respected Colombian jurist, wrote of many troubling—and familiar–problems. They included prolonged pre-trial detention for 80% of all prisoners in Haitian jails; institutional “brittleness” on account of long-delayed elections to the Senate and local bodies; rising homicide rates; and a depressing predilection for public lynching, which indicates little confidence in […]

Extreme Prison Overcrowding and Lengthy Pre-trial Detention Continue in Haiti Despite International Court Order

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mario Joseph, Av., Managing Attorney, Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI),, +509-3701-9879 (in Haiti – speaks French and Haitian Creole) Nicole Phillips, Esq., Staff Attorney, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH),, +509-4730-3359 (in Haiti – speaks English and French) Extreme Prison Overcrowding and Lengthy Pre-trial Detention Continue in Haiti Despite International Court Order     (Port-au-Prince, July 3, 2013) – On June 26, 2013, human rights lawyers from the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) held a press conference to urge the Haitian government to address the widespread violation of prisoners’ human rights.  Recent statistics of continued prison overcrowding and lengthy pre-trial detention in Haiti demonstrate that the government has not developed and implemented comprehensive prison reform as ordered by the Inter-American Court on Human Rights. Haitian prisons consistently rank among the worst in the world.[i] According to the BAI’s findings, inmates in the prison in Mirebalais eat, sleep and […]

Konferans de Près : Mèkredi 26 jen 2013 nan BAI

Konferans de Près : Mèkredi 26 jen 2013 nan BAI Jodi-a nou envite la près pou-n ka eksplike kouman otorite peyi-a vyole dwa prizonye yo nan  Mibalè, Ench ak Senmak. N-ap kòmanse ak Mibalè : Prizon Mibalè-a mezire 186.3 mètkare. Se nan 186.3 mètkare sa yo ke yo anpile plis pase 470 moun ki repati konsa : 224 kondane : 47.65 % 246 an detansyon : 52.34 % Kidonk, kalkil la senp, chak prizonye gen anviron 0.4 mètkare pou yo viv anndan prizon-an. Daprè nòm Entènasyonal yo, chak prizonye ta dwe gen 4 mètkare kòm espas pou-l viv (Ref. « Règles Pénitentiaires Européennes/Comité Européen pour la Prévention contre la Torture CPT). An Ayiti se 2.5 mètkare ke Leta rekonèt pou chak prizonye yo ; sa ki pi grav la, menm 2.5 mètkare  yo pa respekte  pou moun ki pa gen ran sosyal ak ekonomik yo. Nan sans […]


On December 21, 2011, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights issued a decision that the State of Haiti violated its international human rights obligations when it illegally arrested, detained and tortured Mr. Lysias Fleury as punishment for his work as a human rights defender in that country. Mr. Fleury became known to the local police because of his human rights investigations of the Haitian penal system and prison conditions. On June 24, 2002, two uniformed police officers and three ununiformed men entered Mr. Fleury’s home, arrested him, and forcibly dragged him into a pickup truck while his family watched helplessly. The officers did not have a warrant for his arrest and did not inform Mr. Fleury of any formal charges against him. They took him to the Bon Repos police precinct, where they imprisoned him in a six-foot by four-foot […]

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