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Informed Citizens Can Increase Rule of Law

Although this article refers to African countries, the message is very relevant to Haiti as well: From land disputes to wrongful imprisonment, improving the rule of law in a country can be done not only from the top-down but also from the grassroots-up. Making sure that citizens know their rights goes a long way in enforcing those rights. Africa’s Search for Law Mo Ibrahim, Project Syndicate February 12, 2014 LONDON – My career as a businessman in Africa has turned me into an activist for better, cleaner government and for the rule of law. But promoting good governance is not just a matter of encouraging good leadership at the top (although I believe that definitely helps); it also requires all of us to be able to fulfill our responsibilities as citizens, and realize our rights. In several African countries, there […]

Reconstructing Haiti

By Jeffrey Sachs The horrors of Haiti’s earthquake continue to unfold. The quake itself killed perhaps 100,000 people. The inability to organize rapid relief is killing tens of thousands more. More than one million people are exposed to hunger and disease and, with the rain and hurricane seasons approaching, are vulnerable to further hazards. Even an economy as impoverished as Haiti’s is a complex system dependent on trade between rural and urban areas, transport, electricity, port services, and government functions. Haiti’s economy worked badly in the past, and was still reeling from four hurricanes in 2008 when the earthquake struck. The fact that the quake hit the capital, and demolished every center of social activity, destroyed the systems upon which daily urban life depends. Millions of people are now without livelihoods and the means for survival. The first stage in […]

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