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Solidarity Platform of Female Citizens of Haiti (French)

53 women’s organizations from across the departments of Haiti join together: [gview file = “”] FOR EQUALITY BETWEEN WOMEN AND MEN FINALLY INTEGRATED WITH VISION AND ACTION PLANS FOR A NEW HAITI Work document March 17, 2010 ABOUT LIMINARS This document, dated March 17, 2010, is still subject to consultation, both internally and externally, by the Platform Femmes Citoyennes Haiti Solidaire. These consultations will lead to the production of a final document by 26 March 2010. This working document is distributed with the aim of enriching, immediately, reflection on the issue of women and reconstruction. / refoundation, and to collect contributions to improve the proposals. INTRODUCTION On a fund of humanitarian disaster of an unprecedented scale in the history of humanity, a group of Haitian women’s organizations tries, through the presentation of these specifications, to help bridge the gap between […]

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