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Residency deadline leaves thousands vulnerable to deportation

As a consequence of a residency deadline, thousands of people of Haitian descent who have had their Dominican citizenship’s revoked are left vulnerable to deportation. Human rights groups and foreign governments continue to lobby the Dominican government to protect the individuals at risk of deportation by granting them provisional rights. However, the Dominican Republic remains under scrutiny by human rights organizations as it proceeds to use people of Haitian descent and migrants as “convenient political scapegoat[s].” Dominican citizenship deadline approaches amid fears Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald  January 30, 2015 Human rights groups say tens of thousands of people of Haitian descent but stripped of their Dominican citizenship by the Dominican Republic’s highest court could be at risk of deportations after a residency deadline takes effect Sunday. Fewer than 7,000 individuals who were born to undocumented foreign parents and never had […]

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