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America’s Role in Haiti’s Troubled History (NPR)

Click here for�audio of show Copyright 2007 National Public Radio (R) All Rights Reserved National Public Radio (NPR) SHOW: News & Notes 9:00 AM EST October 29, 2007 Monday LENGTH: 1162 words HEADLINE: America’s Role in Haiti’s Troubled History ANCHORS: FARAI CHIDEYA BODY: FARAI CHIDEYA, host: I’m Farai Chideya and this is NEWS & NOTES. In February of 2004, anti-government forces overthrew Haitian President Jean- Bertrand Aristide. As rebels approach the capitol, a U.S. military escort arrived to help Aristide leave the country. They delivered him to the Central African Republic, a destination of Aristide’s choosing according to American authorities soon after the U.S. released a statement written in Creole that said Aristide had resigned his presidency and fled Haiti fearing for his life. But Aristide disagreed. He claimed he was forced to resign by U.S. forces, kidnapped and taken […]

Randall Robinson on Haiti’s Tortured Past, Troubling Present

By Theola Labb�, a Washington Post Metro reporter of Haitian descent Thursday, October 18, 2007 AN UNBROKEN AGONY Haiti, From Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President By Randall Robinson Basic Civitas 280 pp. $26 Randall Robinson, the founder of the social justice organization TransAfrica, has never shied from expressing his views. In “Quitting America” (2004), he declared that the United States had nothing to offer him and other native-born blacks — a realization that drove him to move with his family to the Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis. In “The Debt” (2000), he argued in favor of reparations to African Americans for the legacy of slavery. In his latest work, Robinson offers a passionate retelling of the history of Haiti and the circumstances surrounding the rise and fall of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Using history, eyewitness accounts and […]


By Randall Robinson Oct 5, 2007 Basic Civitas Books, 288 pages, $26 The undoing of Haiti Author documents the great powers’ enmity against Aristide Reviewed by BEN TERRALL For all the justifiable vilification the Bush administration has received for invading Iraq and advancing the agendas of right-wing corporate power and fundamentalist Christian theocracy, Bush’s support for the 2004 coup in Haiti is usually forgotten in books detailing his administration’s crimes. (Impeach the President, a collection of essays enumerating reasons to give Bush/Cheney the heave-ho, is one of the few recent exceptions. It contains a chapter by journalists Lyn Duff and Dennis Bernstein on the 2004 ouster of the democratically elected Haitian government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.) Randall Robinson’s new book An Unbroken Agony: Haiti, from Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President is hence much-needed and right on time. Mr. […]

Flashpoints Radio on Haiti with Randall Robinson, Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste, Jean St. Vil and Kevin Pina

Anyone Remember Haiti?

by Bill Fletcher Jr. Baltimore Times Originally posted 8/3/2007 One of the most striking features of the mainstream US media is its ability to ‘disappear’ certain issues and stories irrespective of their importance. Case in point: Haiti. For all intents and purposes, Haiti has vanished from public view. With the notable exception of Randall Robinson’s new and well-received book, An Unbroken Agony: Haiti from Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President, there is almost nothing out there that would give one any sense of what has been happening in Haiti since the 2006 electoral victory of Rene Preval, let alone the developments that transpired during and after the February 29, 2004 US-assisted coup that overthrew democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Unless one is studying the actual situation in Haiti, the most that the casual and even interested US observer would […]

Randall Robinson on �An Unbroken Agony: Haiti, From Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President� TransAfrica Founder Randall Robinson chronicles the 2004 U.S.-backed coup that ousted Haiti�s democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Robinson challenges the Bush administration�s claim that the Aristides voluntarily left Haiti and recalls his trip to the Central African Republic to bring the Aristides back to the Caribbean. He also reveals new details on the U.S.-backed coup militants armed and trained in neighboring Dominican Republic, including the accused drug smuggler Guy Philippe. As the Aristides remain in exile, Randall Robinson joins us in the Firehouse studio for the hour to talk about the coup, the history of Haiti and the state of affairs there since the 2004 coup. [includes rush transcript] Email to a friend Help Printer-friendly version Purchase DVD/CD LISTEN WATCH Real Video Stream Real Audio […]

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