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Canadian Red Cross: Donations Will Reach Haiti

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, many social media users have been warning others against donating to the Red Cross.  They cite reports from their disaster relief programs in response to the earthquake in 2010, where it seems that a large portion of the money did not reach Haiti.  The Canadian Red Cross has vowed that all the money donated to help victims of Hurricane Matthew will reach Haiti. This article includes a suggestion to donate to IJDH, as an organization that helps build much-needed infrastructure. Part of the article is below.  Click HERE for the full article. Canadian Red Cross vows donations will reach hurricane victims Michelle Zilio, The Globe and Mail October 10, 2016 The Canadian Red Cross is reassuring donors that their money will reach Haitians affected by Hurricane Matthew, despite online criticism of how the American Red […]

New York Times urges DHS to end deportations

The New York Times editorial staff opined Saturday: “Department of Homeland Security should immediately reinstitute temporary protected status for Haitians in the United States, and suspend efforts to deport unauthorized immigrants back to the disaster zone.” As Haiti struggles through the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, combined with chronic poverty and cholera, it also faces “misguided disaster response.” In response to these issues, Haitians need temporary protected status, TPS and donations to seasoned, Haitian charities. Part of the editorial is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti’s New Catastrophe by the New York Times editorial staff October 7th, 2016 Hurricane Matthew battered Florida and points north on Friday, having already wreaked deadly havoc in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti. All those along its path need aid and protection and, when the wind and rain end, swift help in rebuilding. But Haiti needs it […]

Iowa Senator Grassley Demands Answers on Haiti Spending by Red Cross

In June, after an investigation into their work, the Red Cross came under fire for mismanagement of about $500 million donated to the organization for Haiti earthquake relief and reconstruction. Now, Iowa Senator Charles Grassley is asking for better answers, in an open letter to the organization. Among those demands are a breakdown of spending for all their projects in Haiti and an explanation of previously-noted internal delays.   Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Sen. Grassley Demands Red Cross Disclose Haiti Spending — And Gives Them a Deadline The “disappointed” Judiciary Committee chairman wants a detailed breakdown of spending on projects, overhead and other issues. Justin Elliott, ProPublica July 9, 2015 Sen. Charles Grassley is demanding the American Red Cross explain how it spent nearly half a billion dollars raised after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. In […]

Red Cross Scandal Epitomizes Aid Accountability Problem

The Red Cross recently came under fire after an investigation by NPR and ProPublica revealed widespread mismanagement of funds and lack of accountability for nearly half a billion dollars received post-quake. This lack of accountability, however, is not an isolated issue: Both the lack of adequate response to the cholera epidemic caused by UN peacekeepers and mismanagement of relief funds by USAID show that this problem is widespread. When organizations like these become too focused on pleasing donors and troop-contributing countries, they fail to really help the local populations. This author provides some recommendations on how aid accountability can be improved. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. House Hunters How Reconstruction in Haiti Went So Wrong Lauren Carasik, Foreign Affairs June 21, 2015 In the five years following the devastating 2010 earthquake that killed more than 200,000 and displaced […]

Haitian Journalists Demand an Answer from the Red Cross

At a recent press conference held by the American Red Cross in response to allegations of misspending of Haitian relief funds, Haitian journalists made their criticism and discontent well known. Following a series of unsatisfactory answers by a Red Cross representative, the journalists began speaking over the official in order to demand where the half a billion dollars raised for post-earthquake relief have been spent. Despite the statistics provided by the Red Cross itself, it is still uncertain where the relief money was used. American Red Cross Press Conference in Haiti Gets Heated Laura Sullivan, NPR June 12, 2015   Haitian journalists pressed an official from the American Red Cross to explain how the charity spent almost half a billion dollars in the country — but got few answers at a press conference this week at the Le Plaza Hotel in […]

Where’s the $500 million Red Cross raised for Haiti earthquake relief?

After Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake, the American Red Cross out-fundraised most other aid organizations, receiving almost $500 million in donations. The Red Cross promised to build thousands of homes but has only built 6 permanent homes in over 5 years. In the interview below, an investigator from NPR explains how she and other journalists discovered this information and why this may have happened. Millions were donated to Red Cross for Haiti earthquake relief. Why haven’t more been helped? PBS June 3, 2015 In 2010, a catastrophic earthquake ravaged Haiti, leaving 1.5 million people homeless. The American Red Cross raised nearly $500 million for relief efforts, announcing plans to create new communities. But an investigation by ProPublica and NPR has concluded that the Red Cross response has been plagued by failures. Jeffrey Brown interviews NPR investigative correspondent Laura Sullivan.   Click HERE […]

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