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Cholera Victims’ Letters and Translations

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Thousands of Cholera Victims Write Letters to the UN

In connection with Human Rights Day, December 10, victims of the ongoing cholera epidemic in Haiti have delivered over 2000 handwritten letters to the UN. The letters are personal appeals for the UN to live up to its own human rights obligations and provide justice and reparations to those who have suffered so much from cholera.   ———————– Here are some of the letters from the cholera victims. The rest will be continually added HERE.     (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   English Only

Cover Letter from Cholera Victims to UN Security Council

This letter was sent from Haitian cholera victims to the United Nations Security Council. English, Haitian Creole and French versions are below. Sa se yon lèt viktim kolera an ayiti te voye ba Konsey Sekirite Nasyonzini. Vèzyon anglè, kreyòl ak franse pi ba. Cette lettre a été envoyée à partir de victimes du choléra en Haïti au Conseil de Sécurité des Nations Unies. Les versions en anglais, en créole haïtien et en français sont ci-dessous. LETTER FROM VICTIMS OF THE HAITI CHOLERA EPIDEMIC TO MEMBERS OF THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL December 10, 2015 To: The President and Members of the United Nations Security Council Subject: Request by cholera victims for the support of the United Nations Security Council Dear Ambassadors, We are victims of the cholera epidemic introduced to Haiti by UN troops in 2010, and are writing to you on the […]

5 ans plus tard, les victimes du choléra continuent de réclamer justice

BAI, IJDH et nos alliés avons lancé une campagne pour rappeler a l’ONU que les victimes du choléra méritent la justice. Nous avons afficher des photos du victimes du choléra a l’ONU en Port-au-Prince, New York, et Genève. En Haïti, Le Nouvelliste a parlé à quelques-uns des victimes et militants. Partie de l’article est ci-dessous. Cliquez ICI pour le texte complet. 5 ans déjà, le choléra… Quelques dizaines de victimes de l’épidémie de choléra et des organisations du mouvement social haïtien ont organisé une exposition de photos des victimes de la maladie pour continuer de réclamer justice et réparation. Milo Milfort, Le Nouvelliste 14 octobre 2015 À la sortie de la base de la Mission des Nations unies pour la stabilisation en Haïti (Minustah) à Clercine non loin de la capitale, des organisations du mouvement social haïtien ont exposé, mercredi, quelques photos de […]

France Needs Open Dialogue on Haiti Debt Restitution

On May 12, calls for France to restore Haiti’s “Independence Ransom” were renewed when Haiti saw its 2nd ever visit by a sitting French president. Instead of addressing the restitution issue directly, French presidents have cancelled Haiti’s debts and promised to help Haiti with development. Given the terrible price Haiti has paid France for its independence, many are adamant that these concessions are not enough for justice to be served.   Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text.   Dialogue on reparations for Haiti is long overdue Nathalie Baptiste, Latin Correspondent May 18, 2015   On May 12, French president Francois Hollande made history by becoming the first president of France to make a formal state visit to the former colony, Haiti. Rather than a welcome parade, however, President Hollande was greeted by 200 protesters […]

Is it time that France repay Haiti’s “Independence Debt”?

When Haitian slaves won their independence from France in 1804, neither France nor Haiti’s neighbor, the US, recognized it. In 1825, under threat of invasion and re-institution of slavery, France forced Haiti to repay it for the loss of plantations and other property. Haiti has paid the price long after this “debt” was repaid and with France’s President Hollande visiting, many have reignited calls for restitution of this “independence debt.” Is it time for France to pay its real debt to Haiti? Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post May 13, 2015 In 1791, the slaves of France’s most profitable Caribbean colony, Saint Domingue, revolted. The uprising was kindled by the appalling exploitation and abuse of the colony’s enslaved African population, and stoked by the same Enlightenment values championed by white anti-monarchic revolutionaries in the United States and France itself. But the […]

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