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Penn Ignores Key Points About Haiti in WSJ

If people don’t know the facts about Haiti, there is no accountability and progress cannot be made. A recent article by Sean Penn in the Wall Street Journal provided a very optimistic view that was unfortunately inaccurate and left out some key points. The article below highlights some of those inaccuracies and the actual situation in Haiti–economically, in housing and in elections. Sean Penn’s ‘Corner’ in Haiti: Don’t believe the hype Haiti Information Project June 25, 2014 There are regular demonstrations in Haiti demanding the resignation of President Martelly, protests against the leveling of homes in downtown Port au Prince, protests against the confiscation of lands on the island of Île à Vache for tourism projects, protests demanding new national elections, protests against the high cost of living and yet more protests on the horizon.  Police fired tear gas at protesters and live ammunition into the […]

Sean Penn Misses Human Rights Issues in WSJ Article

On Wednesday (June 19), Wall Street Journal published an article by Sean Penn that criticized the media for ignoring Haiti’s progress. While this may be true, Sean Penn’s discussion of housing improvements and cholera failed to mention that many people who moved out of IDP camps now live in homes in danger of collapse or that the United Nations brought cholera to Haiti and have done little to stop the epidemic. These facts, along with Penn’s failure to discuss the elections crisis in Haiti, lead one to question his motives in writing the article. Only systemic change in housing rights and building code enforcement, UN accountability for cholera, and fair elections in Haiti will allow the country to advance; not foreign investments. Sean Penn Accuses the Media of Ignoring Haiti’s Progress. But He’s Ignoring a Few Uncomfortable Facts, Too. Jonathan […]

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