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Why Care About Human Rights in Haiti?

This interview with Fran Quigley explains not just why people should read his book How Human Rights Can Build Haiti, but why Americans should care about human rights in Haiti in the first place. Part of the post is below. Click HERE for the full text. Love-Haiti Relations Dan Carpenter, Sky Blue Window November 24, 2014 There’s no journalist in Indiana with Fran Quigley‘s global reach and flair for putting a face on social causes. Imagine how he’d shame the rest of us practitioners if this were his day job. … Sky Blue Window: First of all, why should Hoosiers care about a destitute foreign country of 10 million? Fran Quigley: The fact is, they already do care. There are an amazing number of people in Indiana who are doing direct service with long-term Haiti partners. It’s wonderful. The churches, Catholic and evangelical. […]

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