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Is it time that France repay Haiti’s “Independence Debt”?

When Haitian slaves won their independence from France in 1804, neither France nor Haiti’s neighbor, the US, recognized it. In 1825, under threat of invasion and re-institution of slavery, France forced Haiti to repay it for the loss of plantations and other property. Haiti has paid the price long after this “debt” was repaid and with France’s President Hollande visiting, many have reignited calls for restitution of this “independence debt.” Is it time for France to pay its real debt to Haiti? Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post May 13, 2015 In 1791, the slaves of France’s most profitable Caribbean colony, Saint Domingue, revolted. The uprising was kindled by the appalling exploitation and abuse of the colony’s enslaved African population, and stoked by the same Enlightenment values championed by white anti-monarchic revolutionaries in the United States and France itself. But the […]

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