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Garment Workers Need a Living Wage

A recent study found that Haitian garment workers earn less than the minimum wage, which is itself much less than what a family needs to survive. Paying for transportation to work alone takes up most of a worker’s salary. Workers are fighting to raise the minimum wage to more than just scraping a living. Garment Exports Rise but Haitian Workers Paid Starvation Wages Solidarity Center April 17, 2014 Despite a 45 percent increase in apparel exports since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the women and men who sew T-shirts and jeans primarily destined for the U.S. market barely earn enough to pay for their lunch and transportation to work, a new Solidarity Center survey finds.   Despite rising exports, Haitian garment workers are paid so little they can barely afford food. Photo: Lauren Stewart The average cost of living for an export […]

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