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Deklarasyon La Saline: Dwa pou moun viv pa konn kanpe!

PDF Version: Deklarasyon La Saline Mete nan kontèks Sou Desanm 27, 2018, yon jou refleksyon sou evènman dènye san ki te fèt nan La Saline nan Novanm 2018 te pote soti nan Quisqueya Inivèsite, Notre Dame Inivèsite an Ayiti ak rezo a Nasyonal pou defans la nan Dwa. Moun (RNDDH). Aktivite sa a te ale nan plizyè douzèn moun ki soti nan diferan sektè nan lavi nasyonal – defansè dwa moun, avoka, doktè, agwonòm, pastè, prèt, pwofesè inivèsite, elèv, jounalis, ekonomis, aktivis feminis, lidè konpayi, sikològ, sosyològ, elatriye. – te yon opòtinite pou yon lòt fwa ankò, prezante dosye imen an ak materyèl, fè yon analiz legal nan evènman, gade nan sitiyasyon sekirite a nan La Saline, ensistans enpak li sou lavi yo nan fanmi yo ak timoun yo epi reflechi sou yon estrateji pou aksyon kolektif pou pote lavi […]

Haiti and Honduras: Two Countries, Two Coups, Two Stolen Elections

By The Haiti Action Committee On December 16, 1990 the people of Haiti had their first ever free and fair democratic elections. This vote of the people swept Jean Bertrand Aristide to power. Stand with the people of Haiti as they protest his continued banishment from Haiti and the banning of his political party from legislative elections to be held in February 2010. In an unprecedented victory for grassroots organizing, over 90% of Haitian people boycotted elections last summer after Fanmi Lavalas candidates were banned from running. Now, the Preval government at the behest of the US/UN occupation there has banned Fanmi Lavalas, the party of beloved President Aristide who was kidnapped by a US-backed coup in 2004, from running in legislative elections scheduled for February 2010. Ninety-eight of the 99 seats in the legislature’s Chamber of Deputies will be […]

International Day of Solidarity: Protest in Haiti

Associated Press February 8, 2007  Hundreds of supporters of ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide protested outside the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission in Port au Prince on Wednesday. They were demanding the exiled leader’s return and blaming blue-helmeted troops of killing civilians. Protesters shouted “down with the UN” as they gathered at the headquarter. “If you look at what is happening in Cite de Soleil, it is a disaster. We did not imagine the United Nations would be causing the violence in Cite Soleil,” protester Walqing Desire said. “We are calling upon the government to stop the violence in Cite Soleil. We are calling upon the government for the return of Jean-Bertrand Aristide and to tell the UN to stop killing the people in Cite Soleil,” he added. Aristide, a former priest turned president, fled the Caribbean nation in February 2004 […]

Half-Hour for Haiti: Join The Biggest Haiti Solidarity Event Yet!

February 6, 2007 Update: Some sad news- political prisoner Wantales Lormejuste died Saturday on the way from the prison to the hospital in St. Marc. Mr. Lormejuste’s family reported that he had not appeared ill. One cause of his death was injustice: Mr. Lormejuste had spent 593 days in prison on the La Scierie case, even through the appeals prosecutor concluded last June that there was not enough evidence to go to trial. The appeals court has refused to decide his case, sixteen months after he filed his appeal, or even to rule on his request for pre-trial release. Two other defendants in the La Scierie case, Ronald Dauphin and former Parliamentarian Amanus Mayette, are ill. The British Medical Journal The Lancet has finally confirmed the findings of the study it published August 31, 2006, Human Rights and Other Criminal […]

Help Break the Chains of Haiti’s Debt

June 27, 2006 Half-Hour for Haiti: Help Break the Chains of Haiti’s Debt Update:  Once again we have some good news- another political prisoner, Frantz Gue, a supporter of the Parti Popile Nasyonal (National Popular Party) and art student, was released today. He was arrested on August 11, 2005, illegally without a warrant, and charged with several murders and kidnappings. After ten months of difficult detention, the judge found that there never had been any credible evidence against Mr. Gue, and dismissed the case (Mr. Gue is pictured leaving the prison with his lawyer, Mario Joseph of the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux).No good news on the remaining political prisoners, yet.Upcoming Event:  Fondasyon 30 Septanm  in Haiti has announced that the “The 3rd Edition of the Solidarity Encounter with the Haitian People” will take place on August 20-26, 2006, in Port-au-Prince, […]

Worldwide Solidarity Protests

September 27, 2005: Join the Worldwide Demonstrations of Solidarity for Haiti on September 30 Plan for Worldwide Solidarity Protests on September 30

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