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Court Weighs UN’s Immunity

This article was written for Omvärlden, the Swedish Development Agency’s magazine. It is the first of two articles they wrote about the October 23 cholera hearing. (Here‘s the 2nd.) An unofficial translation is below. HERE‘s a link to the original article. Court Weighs UN’s Immunity Anki Wood, OmVarlden October 29, 2014 On Thursday, a court hearing was held in New York, where five Haitians are holding the UN to account for having caused the cholera epidemic that has taken thousands of lives in the country since 2011. The UN has asserted its immunity and the court is now set to decide if the case can continue. The cholera epidemic is believed to be caused by a Nepalese peacekeeping troop that arrived just a week before the outbreak. Medical experts have in several different studies demonstrated that the active bacteria strain was […]

UN refuses to take responsibility for cholera in Haiti

This article was written for Omvärlden, the Swedish Development Agency’s magazine. This is the 2nd of two articles (here‘s the first) they wrote about the cholera hearing. The pdf file is below. Here’s an unofficial translation: UN refuses to take responsibility for cholera in Haiti UN troops are understood to have caused the catastrophic cholera epidemic in Haiti. Yet the UN is rejecting all requests for compensation by pointing to its immunity.  Can an organization that works for human rights refuse people’s right to access justice? This question is now to be decided by a court in New York. Haiti, October 2010. Jean Salgadeau Pelette who lives in the little mountain village of Meille, north of the capital Port-au-Prince, goes to take his usual morning dip in the river.  After a few ours, he is found unconscious by the river bank […]

Cholera Case Featured on Swedish Radio

Our very own Staff Attorney, Beatrice Lindstrom, was featured on Swedish radio explaining whether we think that Ban’s ‘moral responsibility’ statement signals a change in their position vis-a-vis the lawsuit. Below is a rough translation. (The segment starts at 16:45.) Sveriges Radio July 15, 2014 Reporter 1: Right now, the UN’s Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is visiting Haiti. The UN is still not accepting legal responsibility for the cholera epidemic that was spread by UN troops four years ago, but several organizations have sued the UN. One of them is the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, where Beatrice Lindstrom is a lawyer. Beatrice: More and more people who work within the UN are speaking out against the way that the Organization has handled this catastrophe. So we hope that the UN will eventually change its position. The ultimate end goal […]

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