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Thousands of Haitians Still Lack Housing Post-Quake

While the Haitian government has had a few housing successes post-quake, such as Village Lumane Casimir and emptying many IDP camps in Port-au-Prince, thousands of Haitians still remain in camps. After money from the government’s 16/6 Plan ran out, those without jobs ended up right back in dilapidated shelters. Everyone still questions what happened to the billions in aid money post-quake, and all the jobs that were supposed to be created by new construction around the capital. Despite an outpouring of aid after the devastation of Port-au-Prince, it’s the same old story for many of the city’s poor. Lisa Armstrong, TakePart April 11, 2014 Richard François felt relief and a sliver of hope the day he moved his family into the house a few minutes from the homeless camp in the Champs de Mars, one of Port-au-Prince’s main public squares, where […]

Op-Ed: Hope, Haiti and an End to Gender-Based Violence

By Lara Pukatch, Take Part April 23, 2013 The global epidemic of violence against women and girls can be addressed by how America spends its foreign aid funds. It’s appalling. In some countries, up to 70 percent of women will experience some form of violence in their lifetimes. But earlier this month I found reason for hope in the words of a Haitian women’s advocate—we’ll call her Marie—who I met in a rural town a few hours away from Port-au-Prince. “I want women to see themselves as women with possibility,” she told me. Marie—and women across the world—work every day to reclaim that sense of possibility for the millions of women and girls facing gender-based violence. For her part, Marie works with a local organization that fights domestic child slavery—known in Haiti as the restavek system. Most of these domestic child slaves are girls. They are often […]

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