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U.S. Intervention in Haiti’s Agriculture and Elections

Right now, Haitians are speaking out against US intervention in two major sectors: agriculture and elections. In agriculture, the US Department of Agriculture plans to ship 500 metric tons of Haiti to help with the hunger crisis, despite the fact that Haiti is already self-sufficient in the peanut industry. If carried out, this plan will destabilize Haiti’s agricultural sector, just like similar programs have done in the past. Regarding elections, U.S. proconsul Kenneth Merten has been making many trips to Haiti to meet with Haiti’s political leaders. While most Haitians demand a verification of the previous rounds of elections, Merten has asked that the verification be very quick and not change the results (though the verification is expected to find rampant fraud). Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Don’t Dump Peanuts on Haiti, Campaigners Tell the […]

Flawed voting process haunting upcoming Haitian elections

The lasting impact the international community’s involvement in Haiti’s elections has proved to be harmful.  Still, the lessons have not been learned as we approach the new run-off date of January 17. The Past is Prologue with Haiti’s Elections Jake Johnson, TeleSur December 31, 2015 Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. As Haitians prepared to go to the polls in 2010, 45 members of the U.S. Congress wrote to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, warning that supporting such a flawed process “will come back to haunt the international community.” Five years later, as Haiti finds itself embroiled in another electoral crisis, the lasting impact of the 2010 election is clear for all to see. Unfortunately, these powerful actors, who have interfered in Haiti’s politics throughout its brief democratic history, do not seem to have […]

Historical Context to the Cholera Decision in UN’s Favor

This article discusses a US Federal Court’s decision to uphold UN immunity in the cholera case, in the context of foreign interference in Haiti. It includes the crippling “debt” Haiti paid France in exchange for independence, the US-led coup against former president Aristide, and the failed post-earthquake reconstruction. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. US Court Dismisses 8,700 Haitian Lives Joe Emersberger, teleSUR January 22, 2015 Those responsible for continued Haitian suffering enjoy impunity. Throughout its history, Haiti has received lessons in savagery from the world’s big imperial powers. The latest lesson was delivered about a week ago by a U.S. court that said the UN cannot be held accountable for criminal negligence that has killed 8,700 Haitians from cholera since 2010. The Obama administration, needlessly worried that the court might take the side of common decency, formally urged […]

US Federal Judge Dismisses Cholera Victims’ Claims

January 9, 2015, a US judge dismissed the case of Haiti’s cholera victims against the United Nations. The judge ruled that the UN enjoys absolute immunity unless expressly waived. The UN has, instead, pleged to raise $2.27 billion but is having a very hard time finding donors. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti Cholera Suit Struck Down teleSUR January 10, 2015 A U.S. court has ruled the United Nations is immune from a class action lawsuit stemming from Haiti’s cholera outbreak. On Friday, a U.S. federal judge dismissed a class action lawsuit against the United Nations launched by Haitians who say U.N. forces should be held accountable for their nation’s cholera epidemic. Judge J. Paul Oetken said the U.N. enjoys immunity against such cases. According to Oetken, the U.N. would have to waive its immunity for […]

Martelly and Foreign Involvement in Lavalas Destabilization

This article discusses the two coups against President Aristide, in 1991 and in 2004. It ties them to international interference in Haiti and the current Haitian government’s ties with former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier. While Duvalier, whose regime was responsible for thousands of deaths and disappearances, lives freely in Haiti, Aristide faces an arrest warrant and revival of charges against him, for which there is no evidence. Part of the article is below. Click here for the full text. A Revolution Interrupted, Haiti 23 Years after the 1991 Coup teleSUR September 29, 2014 For the Haitian people, 1991 marks an assault on popular democracy. Today, the consequences of the 1991 coup resonate in Haitian society as the current government carries out unconstitutional measures and persecutes the country’s former president. Who orchestrated the military coup d’état in 1991, Plus the presidential coup […]

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