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Expectation of fresh cholera outbreak after Hurricane Matthew

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, officials and experts discuss and examine what the short and long term impacts will be. IJDH’s Beatrice Lindstrom discusses the major role cholera will play as time progresses and many are left without adequate treatment. Haiti faces fresh cholera outbreak after Hurricane Matthew, aid agencies fear Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian October 14, 2016   Cholera is surging in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew fouled wells, flooded rivers and latrines and forced survivors to drink contaminated storm water – even in regions that have received some deliveries of emergency aid. Less than two weeks after the earthquake, at least 200 suspected new cases of cholera have been detected in the country, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which is sending 1m cholera vaccines to Haiti at the end of this week. Aid agencies fear that without […]

A Call for the Repayment of Debts to Haiti

Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti last weekend, a country still reeling from the effects of its last natural disaster: the earthquake in 2010.  In this time of need, this editorial calls for long overdue repayments to Haiti from countries that have long affected the prosperity and success in Haiti.   The Guardian view on Haiti: time to repay our debts The Guardian October 11, 2016 Haiti, yet to recover from 2010’s terrible earthquake, is reeling again. This time, Hurricane Matthew has devastated the country, whose acting president, Jocelerme Privert, has warned that famine could soon take hold. The UN has launched an emergency appeal for almost $120m to provide “life-saving assistance and protection” and has warned that 750,000 people need help urgently. The current death toll of many hundreds could spiral: there are fears that flooding and other damage to water supplies could prompt a fresh spike […]

Triple Murder of Deaf Women Spurns Activism

Following the brutal killings, Haitian civil society has come together to demand action. Activists have called for the inclusion of women with disabilities into the national gender equality plan in an attempt to remedy the causes of this event. IJDH Staff Attorney Nicole Phillips is also cited in this article. Click HERE for the original article. Murder of three deaf women in Haiti must be a starting point for change Anna Leach, The Guardian July, 18 2016 On Saturday 11 June government ministers and campaigners attended the funeral of three female street vendors, laid to rest in sturdy white coffins laden with flowers, with more than 2,000 people in attendance. Their brutal murders had shocked a country. Jesula Gelin, a mother of six, Vanessa Previl and Monique Vincent were all deaf and worked in Haiti’s capital. That is itself was notable – they were economically […]

Dear Colleague Letter Urges John Kerry to Demand Justice for Haiti

158 Members of U.S. Congress have endorsed a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry criticizing the support from the U.S. government in supporting UN impunity regarding the cholera outbreak in Haiti. The bipartisan letter sports 12 Republican endorsements and was co-sponsored by Representative Mia Love [R-UT] with John Conyers [D-MI] taking lead. According to the letter, the Obama Administration failed to hold the UN accountable when it unwittingly created a deadly outbreak of cholera by sending Peacekeeping troops into the country after the 2010 earthquake. Click HERE for the original article. Congress Faults Obama for Not Being Tough With UN Over Haiti’s Cholera Crisis Ed Pilkington, The Guardian June 29, 2016 A bipartisan group of 158 members of Congress has accused the Obama administration of a failure of leadership over the cholera scandal in Haiti in which at least 30,000 people […]

UN Finally Taking Steps Towards Cholera Remediation

For 5 years, the UN has refused to engage with claims that peacekeepers brought cholera to Haiti in 2010. Despite numerous advocacy efforts to hold the UN accountable and even lawsuits brought against the organization, the UN has hidden behind immunity. Although UN treaties obligate the UN to establish claims commissions for individuals harmed by UN actions, the organization has not done so. The UN’s most recent response however, signals a potential breakthrough in attempts to hold the UN accountable for its actions. Deputy Secretary General, Jan Eliasson, wrote that both the Secretary General and he are committed to fulfilling the UN’s human rights obligations. He also wrote that he was willing to engage further to assist the victims of cholera and their communities. This letter is a response to a group of the UN’s own human rights experts, and shows a significant change in […]

UN Could Have Prevented Haiti Cholera for Under $2000

Researchers from Yale Schools of Law and Public Health have found that for a total of under $2,000, the United Nations could have prevented the cholera epidemic that has killed at least 9,000 people in Haiti. The simple prevention measures include antibiotics, vaccines, and a screening test. Now that cholera has been rampant for five and a half years, it will cost over $2 billion to eradicate. If matters can get any worse, the UN still hasn’t implemented these preventive measures when deploying troops from regions where cholera is endemic. This means that there’s a very real potential for UN peacekeepers to spark another deadly cholera epidemic somewhere else in the world. UN could have prevented Haiti cholera epidemic with $2,000 health kit – study Researchers find screening tests and antibiotics could have warded off illness, which has taken thousands of lives […]

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