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Further review of Cholera outbreak investigation in Haiti

A scientific report conducted by doctor and specialist in cholera epidemiology, Renaud Parroux, shows that the cholera epidemic was indeed introduced by UN peacekeepers. When the epidemic first started, many were hesitant to “blame” the UN for it but it soon became clear that someone needed to be held accountable for the epidemic to be controlled and eliminated. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Cholera and blame in Haiti Renaud Parroux, The Lancet Infectious Diseases  December 2015 After an explosive cholera outbreak in Haiti in October, 2010, an Editorial in Lancet Infectious Diseases opined that assigning blame as to the origin of the outbreak was unhelpful.1 Subsequently, the outbreak turned into the largest cholera epidemic in the world with 745 558 cases and 8972 deaths (as of July, 2015).2 Blame is often portrayed as […]

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