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UN Losing Authority due to Cholera Response

This is a great article about the UN’s response to cholera in Haiti.  It details how the lack of an apology for introducing cholera into Haiti may be decreasing the UN’s authority and credibility in the rest of the world. UN faces crisis of credibility over 8,000 cholera deaths in Haiti By Rashmee Roshan Lall, The National September 13, 2013 When first faced with the Syria question, the United States showed no interest in looking to the United Nations for direction. America seemed to have decided that it could do without the UN’s moral authority. Some would say that authority is ebbing and two words, in particular, have become tied to that erosion: Haiti and cholera. Late last month, the Haitian government used two words of its own to sum up the situation. Its UN representative told the organisation that his […]

Haiti, Bloodied but Unbowed

By Pooja Bhatia The National After centuries of turmoil and neglect, Haiti’s spirit of determination and resilience continues to offer glimmers of hope amid the wreckage of the nation’s most devastating day. Having lived in Haiti for two and a half years, my Kreyol is pretty good. But only after the earthquake did I begin to grasp the real meaning of the most rudimentary idioms. Take, for instance, the phrase “si dye vle”, which means “God willing”. Haitians append it as a matter of course to statements about the future – to wit, “N a we pi ta, si dye vle”: “I’ll see you later, God willing.” I now fully comprehend the understatement with which Haitians respond to inquiries such as “how are you?” You hear “Mwen byen”, “I’m well”, a fair bit, even from those who live in the […]

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