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NYT call for cholera justice, deportation suspension, and cautious generosity

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, people around the globe are eager to help victims of the hurricane in any way they can. The New York Times Editorial Board discusses the need to donate cautiously, and to organizations with a legitimized history of helping Haitians on the ground. The Board also analyzes the need for the next UN Security General, António Guterres, as well as member nations, to take up the UN’s obligation to eradicate cholera in Haiti, once and for all. Haiti’s New Catastrophe The Editorial Board, The New York Times October 7, 2016   Hurricane Matthew battered Florida and points north on Friday, having already wreaked deadly havoc in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti. All those along its path need aid and protection and, when the wind and rain end, swift help in rebuilding. But Haiti needs […]

New UNSG will have to ensure accountability for Haiti cholera

With the official UN Secretary Council vote to ratify António Guterres’s nomination as Secretary General, there has been much discussion over the challenges the new UNSG will face. Among Guterres’ various challenges is the problem of the UN’s “moral accountability” to Haitian people affected by the ongoing cholera epidemic. Though the UN has taken several years to acknowledge a need for greater action in Haiti, the cholera epidemic has become a routine topic in the discussion on the new UNSG. A New Voice for a Complicated World The Editorial Board, The New York Times October 5, 2016   By any measure, António Guterres of Portugal is an excellent choice to replace Ban Ki-moon of South Korea as the next United Nations secretary general. He has experience, energy and diplomatic finesse, all of which he’ll need to lead the United Nations as it confronts regional […]

US immigration policy separates Haitian men from their families

Following the recent Obama administration decision to resume deportation of undocumented Haitian immigrants, scores of men are getting cut off from their families. As Haitian men, women, and children arrive at the border, the women and children are allowed entry into the US, while the men are forced to remain behind. Despite awareness of this policy change, hundreds of Haitian immigrants are arriving at the border each day, hoping for jobs and entry into the US. Haitian Men Cut Off From Families as U.S. Tightens Entry Rules Kirk Semple, The New York Times September 29, 2016   MEXICO CITY — A sudden shift in American immigration policy has divided scores of Haitian families trying to enter the United States from Mexico, immigrants and advocates say. The policy change, announced last week, has separated wives from husbands and children from their fathers, […]

Haitians to be Deported After Grueling Trip to U.S.

After the 2010 earthquake, Haitians were welcomed into Brazil to find new opportunities. Now that the economy there is in a downturn, thousands have started coming to the U.S. to seek a better life. At first, border agents were allowing them to come in through Southern California. Now, the Obama administration has decided to tighten its immigration policies regarding Haitians  and deport most of those without visas as soon as they reach the border. Many of the people at risk of deportation have crossed through several countries–as many as nine–to reach the U.S., facing incredible obstacles and costs along the way. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haitians, After Perilous Journey, Find Door to U.S. Abruptly Shut Kirk Semple, The New York Times September 23, 2016 TIJUANA, Mexico — They passed the corpses of other migrants […]

U.S. Increasing Deportation of Haitian Migrants

In a policy reversal, the Obama administration announced Thursday that it will remove the limitations on the deportation of undocumented Haitian migrants. Thousands of migrants have faced a perilous journey through Central America after losing work in Brazil to make it to the Southern California border crossing. Many now face deportation back to Haiti, regardless of criminal record or threat to American security. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. U.S. to Step Up Deportations of Haitians Amid Surge at Border Kirk Semple, New York Times September 22, 2016 MEXICO CITY — The Obama administration, responding to an extraordinary wave of Haitian migrants seeking to enter the United States, said on Thursday that it would fully resume deportations of undocumented Haitian immigrants. After an earthquake devastated parts of Haiti in 2010, the United States suspended deportations, saying that sending […]

UN’s Belated Owning Cholera Responsibility Demonstrates Accountability Crisis

Though it shouldn’t have taken the United Nations nearly six years to own up to its involvement in the cholera epidemic in Haiti, this editorial board isn’t surprised given the past lack of UN accountability. In both cases of sexual abuse and the cholera epidemic, the UN has focused more on covering the problem up than actually addressing it. Now that it has admitted responsibility for cholera, hopefully an apology and compensation will come next. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Dodging Accountability at the United Nations Editorial, The New York Times August 22, 2016 It shouldn’t have taken five years and a scathing report by an internal human rights watchdog for the United Nations to acknowledge that it bears responsibility for the cholera epidemic in Haiti sparked by its peacekeepers deployed after the 2010 […]

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