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‘Double tragedy’ worsens in Haiti

By Sarah T. Schwab, The OBSERVER August 25, 2013 What do you think of when you see the word, “cholera?” I used to think: a treatable STD, ergo a nonissue. Countries like Haiti don’t have the luxury to think that way. After the devastating earthquake in 2010, United Nations peacekeepers from Nepal (where Cholera is endemic) were stationed at a military base near the town of Meye. Because of inadequate water and sanitation facilities, cholera-infected waste was leaked into the Artibonite River. Countless Haitians use this river – the country’s largest – for bathing, cooking and drinking. In a country where no cases of cholera had been recorded in more than 150 years, the disease spread so fast that within nine months, the number of infected Haitians surpassed all recorded cholera infections in the rest of the world combined. More than […]

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