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Delegation Reports the Truth about Haiti’s Elections

Most of the international coverage of Haiti’s elections hasn’t discussed the crucial next step: counting the votes. Besides the voter suppression, ballot-stuffing and other Election Day irregularities, there have been some suspicious occurrences on the way to the vote tabulation center as well. The US can play a key role in making sure these elections are fair, and many prominent figures are calling for the US to do so. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Fact finding delegation reports an electoral coup now in process in Haiti Pierre Labossiere, Yvon Kernizan, Margaret Prescod, Walter Riley and Barbara Rhine; San Francisco Bay View October 29, 2015 Following Haiti’s controversial presidential and legislative elections held on Sunday, Oct. 25, alarm is growing about irregularities in the counting of the votes at voting centers and in the transportation of votes […]

Development Plans in Haiti Disservice the Poor

Forced evictions are continuing in Haiti due to the government’s plans to rebuild Port-au-Prince. The poor are often left with just 10 minutes to gather their belongings before their homes are destroyed. This article describes this situation and other human rights violations related to development in Haiti, such as sweatshop labor. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti: Where will the poor go? Seth Donnelly, San Francisco Bay View September 26, 2014 During my last trip to Haiti this June with a delegation of students and human rights observers, we were exposed to the raw violence of the ongoing forced dispersal of the poor. On May 31, the Martelly regime intensified a process – in the name of “eminent domain” – of violently evicting the poor from their homes in downtown Port-au-Prince and then physically destroying their homes […]

Supporters Petition to End Political Harassment Against Aristide

In recent months, old charges of corruption have been brought against former President Aristide again. Charges of this nature are usually dropped before Aristide can challenge them in court. Now, Aristide supporters all over the world have come together against the latest political harassment campaign. Part of the petition is below. Click HERE for the full text and list of signers. As former Haitian President Aristide is placed on house arrest, supporters worldwide demand immediate halt to attacks on him and Lavalas Movement By the Haiti Action Committee, in The San Francisco Bay View September 13, 2014 On Aug. 21, Haitian police wearing black masks and carrying heavy arms appeared in front of the home of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide as a Haitian judge issued calls to arrest him. Hundreds of people courageously surrounded the house to protect him. One week before, […]

The Imposition of Martelly, the Reconstitution of the Army, and the Restoration of Duvalier (San Francisco Bay View)

By Charlie Hinton, Haiti Action Committee, San Francisco Bay View June 8, 2011 June 6, 2011- On April 4, the Haitian government announced that Michel Martelly won the recent fraudulent “elections” imposed on Haiti by the United States, France and Canada, the so-called “international community,” and sanctioned by the United Nations. He did receive 67 percent of the vote, but fewer than 25 percent of the electorate went to the polls in a record low turnout. Early in the process, Haiti’s electoral council had refused to allow Haiti’s largest party, Fanmi Lavalas, led by widely popular former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, to run candidates, somewhat akin to not allowing Democrats or Republicans to run in this country, only more so, since Fanmi Lavalas wins every honest election with overwhelming majorities. Most Fanmi Lavalas members boycotted these “elections.” First round voting took place […]

Homeless Haitian earthquake victims violently evicted from tent camps in midst of rainy season (San Francisco Bay View: National Black Newspaper)

By Donald Payne, Yvette Clarke, Frederica Wilson, Maxine Waters, San Francisco Bay View May 26, 2011 Just one week into his mandate, is this the change new President Michel Martelly promised? Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Washington, D.C. – Let Haiti Live and TransAfrica Forum are gravely concerned about the wellbeing of homeless earthquake survivors in the Delmas neighborhood of Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince. On May 23, the Haitian National Police and agents from the mayor’s office in Delmas arrived without warning and violently destroyed the makeshift shelters of internally displaced people (IDPs). At the intersection of the airport road and the main Delmas road, it looks as though a hurricane tore through the tarps at the park. Several hundred people living in the park were evicted without warning and without a relocation plan. Piles of tarps donated by the American Red Cross […]

Joint report issued on conditions in Haiti’s displaced persons camps

From the San Francisco Bay View Authors describe urgency of unmet needs, press for better aid distribution This picture was taken in Port au Prince on Jan. 28, but two months later, many Haitians made homeless and destitute by the Jan. 12 earthquake still have received little or no aid. – Photo: Ben Gurr, The Times Washington, D.C. – A coalition of lawyers, researchers and statisticians has issued a joint report detailing the dire living conditions in six internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in and around Port au Prince, Haiti. Representatives from prominent organizations committed to a rights-based approach to earthquake recovery in Haiti – the Lamp for Haiti Foundation (LAMP), the Haiti Justice Project at the Earle Mack School of Law at Drexel University (EMSoL), the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI), the Institute for Justice & Democracy in […]

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