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Al Jazeera Cholera Documentary Wins Emmy

Haiti in a Time of Cholera won an Emmy for outstanding investigative journalism. This blog post summarizes the Al Jazeera America documentary about the cholera epidemic in Haiti and the lack of UN accountability. The documentary and part of the post are below. Click HERE for the full text. Al Jazeera America Documentary on Cholera Outbreak in Haiti Wins an Emmy Ansel Herz, The Stranger October 2, 2014 Fault Lines – Haiti in a time of cholera by hakomasong Hey, people, guess what? Justice isn’t dead! The team behind a really great, little-noticed Al Jazeera America documentary about who caused a cholera outbreak in Haiti just won an Emmy for outstanding investigative journalism. The documentary traces the outbreak to United Nations peacekeepers, who were supposed to be protecting Haiti’s population.   Click HERE for the full text.

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