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Timeline: Haiti: A Chronology of Key Events (BBC)

By. BBC Staff A chronology of key events:                 1492 – Christopher Columbus lands and names the island Hispaniola, or Little Spain. 1496 – Spanish establish first European settlement in western hemisphere at Santo Domingo, now capital of Dominican Republic. 1697 – Spain cedes western part of Hispaniola to France, and this becomes Haiti, or Land of Mountains. 1801 – A former black slave who became a guerrilla leader, Toussaint Louverture, conquers Haiti, abolishing slavery and proclaiming himself governor-general of an autonomous government over all Hispaniola. 1802 – French force led by Napoleon’s brother-in-law, Charles Leclerc, fails to conquer Haitian interior. Independence 1804 – Haiti becomes independent; former slave Jean-Jacques Dessalines declares himself emperor. 1806 – Dessalines assassinated and Haiti divided into a black-controlled north and a mulatto-ruled south 1818-43 – Pierre Boyer […]

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