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Preliminary Presidential Election Results Raise Concerns in Haiti and Abroad

Last week, Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council announced the preliminary results for the first round of presidential elections. They named the candidate backed by president Martelly as the forerunner, followed by the candidate from former president Preval’s party. Many organizations and candidates are disputing the results because of the rampant fraud during election day, October 25. The international community seems concerned that the Martelly candidate will somehow declare himself president without proceeding to the runoff election in December. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti Announces Preliminary Election Results, but Race Far From Settled Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Watch November 6, 2015 Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) announced preliminary results from the October 25 presidential elections yesterday evening, showing the government-backed Jovenel Moïse and former state construction company director Jude Célestin in the top two places, […]

More Money, More Votes in October 25 Election

Though many in the international community have reported satisfaction with Haiti’s second round of elections, a major issue has been ignored: voting by political party representatives. Political party representatives called mandataires are allowed to vote unchecked in Haiti’s elections and in this one, there were almost a million mandataire passes issued. Not only that but political parties who couldn’t afford to use their passes sold them to the highest bidders. This means that parties with more money were able to effectively buy more votes. Now, everyone is waiting to see how this fraud will be accounted for in the election results. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Presidential Elections in Haiti: The Most Votes Money Can Buy Center for Economic and Policy Research November 3, 2015 On Monday, Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) announced […]

Le grand impact des mandataires sur les elections du 25 octobre

Pas assez articles de presse discutent l’impact des mandataires sur les élections du 25 octobre, surtout compte tenu du très faible taux de participation. Semble que la majorité des bulletins de vote ont été exprimés par mandataires, et quelque mandataires ont voté plusieurs fois. Transparence dans le procès de décompte des voix sera cruciale pour la crédibilité des résultats. Partie de l’article est ci-dessous. Cliquez ICI pour le texte complet. Face aux grands électeurs, la transparence seule nous exemptera du pire Frantz Duval, Le Nouvelliste 28 octobre 2015 Les dernières élections prennent une tournure originale. Lundi, moins de vingt­quatre heures après la clôture des opérations de vote, des voix s’élevaient déjà pour dénoncer des manœuvres qui auraient falsifié les résultats. Si cette précipitation est inédite, le fait que deux partis politiques n’arrivent pas encore à se mettre ensemble pour dénoncer et réclamer constitue également un […]

Haitian Communities’ Mining Law Complaint Rejected by World Bank

The World Bank rejected a complaint issued by Haitian communities regarding the new mining law, due to a technicality. The Haitian communities’ complaint highlighted a fear that an increased investment in the mining sector will consequently create adverse environmental and social ramifications. Although the World Bank has provided technical assistance to the Haitian government in rewriting its mining laws for the past two years, the technical assistance mechanism is not subject to the World Bank’s safeguard policies, allowing the Inspection Panel to refuse to hear the complaint. New York University’s Global Justice Clinic and Accountability Counsel, which supported the Haitian communities’ complaint, believes the World Bank should not have discretion to avoid complaints involving blatant human rights and environmental risks. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. On a Technicality, World Bank Rejects Complaint on Support for New Mining […]

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