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Haiti Launches the People’s Tribunal on U.S. Occupation/Domination

This article discusses the 1915-1934 US Marine Occupation of Haiti and the consequences that last even til today, including a reliance on NGOs, land rights problems, and tension between Haiti and DR (which was also occupied by Marines). Haitians are creating the People’s Tribunal “To reinforce the people’s foundations of consciousness-raising and mobilization to accomplish a political de-occupation, economic de-occupation, and a cultural and ideological de-occupation of the country.” One of the organizations helping with this movement is Bureau des Avocats Internationaux. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. “People’s Tribunal” Launched in Haiti to Commemorate 101 Years of U.S. Occupation Mark Schuller, Counterpunch August 2, 2016 Thursday, July 28, when Hillary Rodham Clinton took to the stage to accept the Democratic nomination to be the first female candidate of a major political party for president, was […]

Diskou Me Mario Joseph sou Tribinal Popilè Ayiti Ap Kreye

28 jiyè 2016 Jounen jodi 28 jiyè 2016 la, nap komemore plis pase 100 lane depi ayiti sou okipasyon Etazini. Yon long peryòd okipasyon ki pran plizyè fòm : Okipasyon lanavaz depi 1857, National City Bank fè dappiyanp sou rezèv lò nou 17 desanm 1914, envazyon tout tèritwa peyi a (1915-1934), kolaborasyon ak diktati sanginè Divalye yo pandan 29 lane ( 1957-1986), dominasyon sistematik politik peyi a depi aprè 86, avèk anviwon 30 lane ekonomi  neyoliberal qui kraze prèske tout pwodiksyon Nasyonal nou an e sitou, prezans yon fòs ame Nasyon zini ( Minista) nan peyi a depi 12 lane. Men, nan kontèks komemorasyon santenè okipasyon sa ki vize mete an akizasyon, atravè tribinal popilè sa, pisans enperyalis amerikèn nan pou tout krim li fè pèp Ayisyen an,kòman nou kapab wè angajman Biwo Avoka Entènasyonal yo (BAI), pa rapò ak misyon […]

Why Haiti Needs “Independence Ransom” Paid Back

Decades after Haiti gained its independence, France sent war ships to its coast and demanded 150 million gold francs, plus interest, else France would invade Haiti and not recognize its sovereignty. Centuries later, Haiti is still feeling the consequences of that “independence ransom.” That’s why when French President Hollande mentioned France’s debt towards Haiti but didn’t mention reparations, many Haitians and activists were upset and wondered when France will finally be accountable for its actions. Part of the post is below. Click HERE for the full text. Opinion: France’s empty, meaningless morale “obligation” towards Haiti, non merci Sydney Noel, May 12, 2015 When France’s president François Hollande last week, said during his inauguration of the Caribbean Center expressions and trafficking memory and slavery (ACT) at Pointe-à-Pitre, in Guadeloupe, that he would fulfill France’s debt towards Haiti, many hopes were […]

How the Clintons “Govern” Haiti

Hillary and Bill Clinton often discuss their love for Haiti ever since they traveled there for their honeymoon. However, their track record of unfulfilled promises to Haiti, especially after the 2010 earthquake, leaves more questions than answers. This article delves into the Clintons’ influence in Haiti and why some say that “after everything is in place…you see the Clintons at every level” of goings-on in the small country. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. The King and Queen of Haiti Jonathan Katz, Politico Magazine May 4, 2015 Sunday, January 30, 2011. Two hundred thousand people occupied Egypt’s Tahrir Square, defying a military curfew to demand the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak. Tunisia’s authoritarian leader had just been overthrown, unleashing a wave of anti-government protests from Yemen to Syria to Morocco. South Sudan’s provisional president […]

“Haiti: Killing the Dream”: Excerpt of Documentary on Centuries of Western Subversion of Haitian Sovereignty

Democracy Now Click here to watch: To put the history of Haiti in context we turn to the 1992 documentary “Haiti: Killing the Dream” produced by Hart and Dana Perry of Crowing Rooster Productions and narrated by Ossie Davis. In this excerpt, the film looks at the nearly-20-year occupation of Haiti by U.S. Marines beginning in 1915.

Kevin Pina/ Marian Peleski

Kevin Pina/ Marian Peleski PEJ News November 11, 2006 Documentary filmmaker and independent journalist Kevin Pina was recently interviewed by Marian Peleski about his work and current events unfolding in Haiti. Peleski is a frequent host of� “Progressive Voices” which is heard every Monday evening on WVUD, 91.3 FM from the University of Delaware in Newark. MP:� You produced the documentary film “Haiti: The Untold Story” to tell the story of human rights abuse in Haiti.� How did you get involved with Haiti? KP: I have been a documentary filmmaker for more than twenty-five years now. My first film was called “El Salvador: In the Name of Democracy,” and was basically a film to combat the Reagan administration’s propaganda. While they were releasing so-called White Papers purporting that the FMLN were puppets of the Soviet Union and godless communists deserving […]

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