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158 Members of Congress Ask to Hold U.N. Accountable for Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic

158 outraged members of Congress signed on to a letter sent Mr. John Kerry by Representatives John Conyers, Jr. and Mia Love. The Congressmen and women sent the letter to Mr. Kerry with the hopes of getting him to put pressure on the United Nations, for a response to the Cholera epidemic that has invaded Haiti for the past 6 years. The disease has affected over 800,000 people and has killed roughly 10,000. Research has shown that disease came from the U.N. Peacekeeping mission that was sent to Haiti after the earthquake; however, the U.N. has refused to admit its involvement and has deemed the victims’ lawsuits to be invalid. What makes this letter so powerful is the tremendous bipartisan support. Although mostly supported by Democrats, Republicans have joined the cause to demonstrate that the U.N.’s behavior has been unacceptable. […]

Is Hillary Clinton’s US Presidential Bid Stifling Haiti’s Democracy?

As Haiti has struggled to hold democratic elections since August 2015 (which were delayed for years before that), the United States has generally taken the position of rushing the elections to be completed as soon as possible, despite grave irregularities and allegations of massive fraud. Haiti experts believe that a strong motivator of this rush is the fact that much of Haiti’s political crisis can be attributed to Hillary Clinton, who is currently running for United States President. While she was Secretary of State, Clinton helped force Michel Martelly, the president who failed to hold elections for years, into office. She and Bill Clinton led post-earthquake reconstruction efforts that were a major failure. Hillary Clinton also blocked efforts to increase Haiti’s minimum wage. And this is just a partial list of her record in Haiti. It’s no wonder the U.S. State Department […]

Bi-Partisan Cholera Letter to Secretary John Kerry

The Honorable John Kerry United States Secretary of State Department of State 2201 C Street NW Washington, D.C. 20520 June 29, 2016 Dear Secretary Kerry, We write to urge the State Department to immediately and unreservedly exercise its leadership to ensure that the United Nations (UN) take concrete steps to eliminate the cholera epidemic introduced to Haiti in 2010 by waste from a UN peacekeeper camp, and to comply with its legal and moral obligations to provide cholera victims with access to an effective remedy. A recently revealed internal UN report confirms that the Haiti mission, known as MINUSTAH, was discharging untreated waste into Haiti’s environment from several peacekeeping bases, and continued this unacceptable practice after the cholera outbreak. The official cumulative death toll since 2010 — nearly 10,000—makes Haiti’s epidemic the worst cholera epidemic of modern times, but recent […]

Diaspora Groups and Leaders Ask Kerry to Drop U.S. Resistance to Haiti Vote Fraud Inquiry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kermshlise Picard, Communications Coordinator, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti;, 617-652-0876 Diaspora Groups and Leaders Ask Kerry to Drop U.S. Resistance to Haiti Vote Fraud Inquiry Boston, April 7 – 28 Haitian-American diaspora organizations and 32 political, religious and community leaders wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry today calling on the U.S. to support an inquiry into electoral fraud during the 2015 elections in Haiti. American officials have staunchly opposed the establishment of a verification commission to examine fraud allegations, a stance which has “undermined democracy while harming the United States’ credibility in Haiti,” according to the letter. Haiti’s electoral process has been stalled since January 22 when massive street protests forced the suspension of the vote. After singer-turned-politician Michel Martelly stepped down as president on February 7, a transitional government was put […]

Over 200 Individuals and Organizations Demand State Department Action on DR Crisis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 26, 2016 Contact:  France Francois,, (305)502-3373 Carl Lipscombe,, (718)715-8610 Media Advisory Over 200 Members of the Dominican and Haitian Diaspora, Community Organizations, & Law Professors Denounce State Department’s Inaction on Human Rights Abuses in the Dominican Republic Concerned individuals and organizations send letter to Secretary of State John Kerry asking him to prioritize the hundreds of thousands rendered stateless in the Dominican Republic Washington D.C – Across the Dominican Republic, over 200,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent are languishing in limbo following an inhumane ruling retroactively stripping them of citizenship, and the violence and intimidation that has followed. Now, hundreds of thousands have fled and many of them reside in squalid refugee camps along the Haitian border. To coincide with Dominican Independence Day on February 27th, the Black Alliance for Just Immigration and #Rights4ALLinDR coalition sent a letter to Secretary Kerry […]

State Department vs. “Will of the Haitian People” in Haiti’s Elections

By Nancy Young IJDH Volunteer February 19, 2016 There were two press conferences the day before the protest on Feb. 18 against foreign interference in Haiti’s elections and democracy. One was held in person at the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux in Port-au-Prince, the other by teleconference by the US State Department. At the BAI press conference, Mario Joseph told about 30 Haitian journalists how the foreign occupation of Haiti and the obstruction of a truly inclusive democracy had brought poverty and hunger to the country. David Oxygene of MOLEGHAF, a Haitian pro-democracy group, condemned the “neoliberal transition” and said that because of the foreign occupation of the country, Haiti has a history of slavery and sharecropping, of cholera and coups d’etat. Both Joseph and Oxygene said the foreign interference in their country’s democracy must end and so there would be […]

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