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Hastings Law Students Partner with Haitian Law Students

Over their spring break, a delegation of 9 students from UC Hastings College of the Law went to Haiti to support Haiti’s legal education system and engage in human rights advocacy. The trip was led by IJDH’s own Nicole Phillips, along with another Hastings professor. Among the activities during the trip, the Hastings students learned from BAI about the cholera case and BAI’s response to rapes of poor women and girls. As Mildred Aristide pointed out about trips like these: “Aid can only go so far. Training partnerships are more effective and are what’s needed.” Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Not Your Typical Spring Break The Hastings to Haiti Partnership Delegation spent the week engaging with Haitian law students and legal organizations. UC Hastings College of the Law March 30, 2015 “For many, Haiti […]

Speech on Judicial Corruption at UC Hastings Symposium

Mario Joseph spoke at a panel in UC Hastings’ 2-day symposium on professional ethical integrity. Below is a transcript of his speech. UC Hastings Ethical Integrity Conference: Ethical integrity Challenges Facing the Judiciary Around the Globe February 26, 2015 Introduction First, I would like to thank faculty and staff at UC Hastings that helped make this event possible.  Thank you to Hastings Professor Morris Ratner for your assistance in organizing this important panel discussion.  Thank you to Professor Kate Bloch for organizing this conference.  Professor Bloch came to my office, the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) in Port-au-Prince last summer and gave a wonderful training to our lawyers and interns on ethical practices. I would like to also thank my fellow distinguished panelists, Professor Fu Hualing and the Honorable Anthony Scirica. It is also a great pleasure to be at […]

Haiti’s First Law Clinic Soon Begins in Jeremie

For about 15 years, University of California Hastings law students have partnered with a law school in Jeremie, Haiti. Hastings law students visit about once a year to meet with government and non-governmental reps and Haitian law students and professors. At another point in the year, the Haitian students and professors go visit Hastings. This year, Hastings students will help launch Haiti’s very first law clinic, in Jeremie. Given the myriad difficulties the poor majority has in accessing justice in Haiti, the clinic is expected to be a key part of the community. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti Trip Marks Quake Anniversary, Launches Nation’s First Law Clinic UC Hastings January 8, 2015 When she first visited Haiti after the earthquake in 2010, Professor Nicole Phillips remembers returning on a flight to Miami, […]

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