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Looking for Haiti in Geneva: Up Close and Personal at the 2011 Universal Periodic Review

by. Emma Rosenberg, Social Justice Chair at UCHI-Irvine, UCHI Newsletter This October, UC Irvine law student Emma Rosenberg live-tweeted for UCHI from Geneva, representing UCHI as part of the group that would present to the United Nations at the Universal Periodic Review of Haiti. Here she gives her final thoughts on the experience: “When I first walked into Salle XX on October 10, 2011, the first cycle of the Universal Periodic Review was just ending. Haiti was set to be the last country reviewed on October 13th and as it turned out, Haiti would be the only country to fail to send a delegation from their government to the review. We first learned of this news after talking to the representative from Cuba at the end of the October 10th session. When we approached him to lobby for our proposed recommendations for Haiti’s […]

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