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Malaysia Highlights Key Issues at Meeting on MINUSTAH

On March 17, the United Nations Security Council held a meeting on MINUSTAH, the peacekeeping force in Haiti. Malaysia made an outstanding statement, calling attention to a number of issues that were otherwise glossed over, including the need for the Secretary-General’s leadership on cholera justice, stronger representation of women in the Haitian government, and the irregularities and climate of insecurity that marred Haiti’s electoral process in 2015. All of these issues are critical to long-term stability, democracy and rule of law in Haiti. Part of the statement is below. Click HERE for the full text.   STATEMENT BY AMBASSADOR RAMLAN IBRAHIM, PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE OF MALAYSIA TO THE UNITED NATIONS  SECURITY COUNCIL DEBATE ON MINUSTAH  NEW YORK, 17 MARCH 2016 ____________________________________________________________________________ Mr. President, As commented by earlier speakers, Haiti had seen significant political developments in recent months most notably the holding of […]

Thousands of Cholera Victims Write Letters to the UN

In connection with Human Rights Day, December 10, victims of the ongoing cholera epidemic in Haiti have delivered over 2000 handwritten letters to the UN. The letters are personal appeals for the UN to live up to its own human rights obligations and provide justice and reparations to those who have suffered so much from cholera.   ———————– Here are some of the letters from the cholera victims. The rest will be continually added HERE.     (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   (English Translation)   English Only

Cover Letter from Cholera Victims to UN Security Council

This letter was sent from Haitian cholera victims to the United Nations Security Council. English, Haitian Creole and French versions are below. Sa se yon lèt viktim kolera an ayiti te voye ba Konsey Sekirite Nasyonzini. Vèzyon anglè, kreyòl ak franse pi ba. Cette lettre a été envoyée à partir de victimes du choléra en Haïti au Conseil de Sécurité des Nations Unies. Les versions en anglais, en créole haïtien et en français sont ci-dessous. LETTER FROM VICTIMS OF THE HAITI CHOLERA EPIDEMIC TO MEMBERS OF THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL December 10, 2015 To: The President and Members of the United Nations Security Council Subject: Request by cholera victims for the support of the United Nations Security Council Dear Ambassadors, We are victims of the cholera epidemic introduced to Haiti by UN troops in 2010, and are writing to you on the […]

Haitian Cholera Victims Send 2,000 Letters to UN Security Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:  Kermshlise Picard, Communications Coordinator, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti,; +1-617-652-0876 (English, Kreyòl). Haitian Cholera Victims Send 2,000 Letters to UN Security Council Make Personalized Appeal for Justice on Human Rights Day PORT-AU-PRINCE, NEW YORK December 10, 2015—In connection with Human Rights Day, December 10, victims of the ongoing cholera epidemic brought to Haiti by UN peacekeepers have written over 2,000 personal letters to the UN Security Council to ask governments to respond to their suffering and provide reparations in accordance with the UN’s legal obligations. “It is with great sadness that I am writing this letter…to remind you that human rights should be respected no matter which country one is from. If the peacekeepers from MINUSTAH did not contaminate our water supply with fecal matter, I never would have been infected with this […]

Five Years Later, UN Continues Dodging Cholera Accountability

In light of the fifth anniversary of cholera in Haiti, and our #FaceJustice campaign at UN headquarters in New York, Port-au-Prince and Geneva, a reporter probed the UN on its cholera response. The following exchange ensued. Click HERE for the full article. With Haiti Cholera Victims At UN’s Gate, ICP Asks of Accountability Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press October 14, 2015 … Inner City Press: I want to ask about Haiti and Central African Republic. On Haiti, I’m compelled to ask you. I’m sure you saw the people with the portraits of victims outside. I understand it’s taking place outside Geneva and Port-au-Prince. And I wanted to ask you, the number they’re using is 9,000 people killed, 745,000 people sickened by cholera they say the UN brought negligently to their country and there’s been no accountability. And I wanted to know, […]

Strong Recommendations on Haiti from Women’s Working Group

The UN Security Council (UNSC) recently conducted a review of MINUSTAH. Below are the Women, Peace and Security Working Group’s recommendations on Haiti to the UNSC. Click HERE for the full report, including recommendations on other countries. MONTHLY ACTION POINTS: Women, Peace and Security July 27, 2015 As the Council considers a report on the UN mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) it is vital for the Council to call for women’s full and equal engagement in building Haiti’s future. This is particularly important in view of increasing threats and harassment against women-led civil society organizations, particularly against those calling for justice for sexual and gender-based violence. Options for reconfiguration of MINUSTAH must detail the ways in which gender will be mainstreamed and how women’s participation and protection will be at the core of the mission’s mandate. In this respect, in its discussion […]

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