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Qui rapporte les données réelles sur le choléra en Haïti?

Il est de notoriété publique que les statistiques choléra sont généralement incorrectes en raison de la sous-déclaration, en particulier dans les lieux où il est difficile de se rendre à un hôpital. Mais dans l’article ci-dessous, le ministre de la Sante d’Haïti accuse M. Rojas de dénaturer intentionnellement les données. Pedro Medrano Rojas est le coordinateur principal de l’ONU pour la réponse au choléra en Haïti. Récemment, Rojas a donné un interview a RFI, dans lequel il a exprimé sa préoccupation à l’augmentation des cas de choléra en Haïti. Guillaume pense apparemment que Rojas a dit “n’importe quoi sur [Haiti] dans le but de remplir un mandat.”   Partie de l’article est ci-dessous. Cliquez ICI pour le texte complet.   Choléra : Pedro Medrano Rojas désavoué par Florence Duperval Guillaume Roberson Alphonse, Le Nouvelliste 20 mai 2015   Pour RFI, […]

Former OAS Rep Says MINUSTAH Illegal

Former Organization of American States representative Ricardo Seitenfus says MINUSTAH’s presence in Haiti is illegal. The UN troops have occupied Haiti since 2004 and are responsible for the cholera epidemic that has killed and infected Haitians since 2010. In a recent speech, Seitenfus noted that the immunity the UN claims to enjoy (e.g. from lawsuits like that of the cholera victims) is also illegal, as MINUSTAH doesn’t conform to Haiti’s Constitution. Part of the post is below. Click HERE for the full text. United Nations presence in Haiti is illegal, according to former OAS representative in Haiti February 7, 2015 Haiti, MINUSTAH, “The presence of the United Nations in Haiti is illegal,” says Ricardo Seitenfus The former Special Representative of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Haiti, Ricardo Seitenfus, participated Friday in a round table on elections at […]

UN Overview of Cholera Funding

In the pdf linked below, the UN Office of the Special Envoy to Haiti provides a breakdown of funding for the plan to eliminate cholera from Haiti. As of December 2014, the National Plan is funded at only 12.9%.      

UN Irresponsibility Forces Cholera Victims Into Litigation

This piece explains why cholera victims have had to resort to litigation to force the UN to take responsibility for the epidemic in Haiti. Even though there is now no doubt UN peacekeepers brought cholera to Haiti, the UN continues to deny responsibility and hasn’t raised sufficient funds for their cholera eradication plan. The longer the UN takes to accept responsibility and take action, the less they are upholding their core values of protecting human rights, causing the public to lose respect for the organization. In Their Court: Litigation Against the United Nations as a Last Resort for Haitian Cholera Victims Adam Houston, Health and Human Rights Journal June 18, 2014 In 2014, the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) — the latest and longest-lived of a series of UN peacekeeping missions to the country since 1993 — will mark […]

New York Bar Association Joins Fight for Cholera Justice

The New York Bar Association has joined many others in urging the United Nations to accept responsibility for bringing cholera to Haiti and to provide a method of redress for victims of the epidemic. The UN’s refusal to accept responsibility despite mounds of scientific evidence, 3 lawsuits against it, and UN officials’ demands for justice has reduced its credibility all over the world. The immunity the UN depends on greatly may even be at risk. New York Bar Association Urges US to Push UN to Accept Responsibility for Cholera Epidemic in Haiti Lauren Carasik, Jurist May 10, 2014 Last month, the venerable New York City Bar Association added the voices of its 24,000 local and international members to the mounting pressure on the UN to take responsibility for the cholera epidemic in Haiti that has killed 8,500 people and sickened more than 700,00. Penning a letter […]

Cholera Epidemic Still Rampant in Haiti

As the rainy season approaches, aid workers and United Nations officials struggle to contain Haiti’s cholera epidemic. Some attribute the problem to donor fatigue, to the Haitian government’s statements saying cholera is under control, or to cholera many clinics closing, among other factors. U.N. Struggles to Stem Haiti Cholera Epidemic Randal C. Archibold & Somini Sengupta, The New York Times April 19, 2014 CHAPOTEAU, Haiti — For three years, the United Nations has refused to address whether its peacekeepers brought a deadly strain ofcholera to Haiti, insisting instead that it was more important to help the country stanch the disease once and for all. But on that score, it is still very far behind. In some ways, Haiti is even less equipped to tackle cholera than it was three years ago. The United Nations raised barely a fourth of the $38 […]

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