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Hurricane Matthew Affects Agricultural Production & Raises Concerns for Future

Many families in Haiti are struggling to get by and meet their basic needs, amidst a rising food shortage months after Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc in the southern part of the country. Experts warn that the situation could be approaching a famine, and it will continue to deteriorate in the coming months if production does not increase this growing season. Authorities have not done enough to alleviate the crisis; the availability of shelter and food is still far below the demand. And, while initial humanitarian responses did help with providing food and water, the efforts did not focus enough on rebuilding agricultural capacity and helping Haitians regain their livelihoods. Now, months after the storm, many worry that Hurricane Matthew’s destruction will continue to be felt for a long time to come. Part of the article is shown below. Click HERE for the original article. […]

International Community Backs Unconstitutional Elections in Haiti

Despite the unconstitutional nature of the Electoral Council appointed by President Martelly, and Martelly’s unilateral actions in planning elections, the international community has promised funding for the elections and continues to rush the process along. Please join us in urging these organizations not to back elections unless they are fair, inclusive and democratic. Despite Flawed Electoral Process, International Community Support Continues Unabated Center for Economic and Policy Research July 9, 2014 While Haitian President Michel Martelly has unilaterally scheduled long-delayed elections for October 26, 2014, the composition of the electoral council continues to cause controversy in Haiti. The current problems stem from the deeply flawed electoral process in 2010 that saw Martelly emerge victorious after the intervention of the international community. There have yet to be elections since then, with one-third of the 30 member Senate having their terms expire in 2011 while some 130 […]

Women struggle for rights as Haiti recovers

ReliefWeb March 8th, 2010 The devastating January 12th earthquake hit hard at the Haitian women’s movement, taking the lives of a number of leading activists. Prior to the earthquake, activists like Anne-Marie Coriolan, Myriam Merlais and Magalie Marcelin were advocating to reform the judiciary and to create an infrastructure to protect women and girls against violence. A task much needed now, as violence against women increases when countries are in crisis. UNDP spoke to one of the two women ministers in Haiti (the other 16 ministers are all men) to assess how the loss of key activists affects the struggle for women’s rights. Marjory Michel, Minister of Women’s Affairs, talked about the challenges for women in a new country that is being built – one in which nearly half of the households are headed by women. Michel also stressed the […]

A Future for Agriculture, A Future for Haiti

By Beverly Bell, PAPDA “We plant but we can’t produce or market. We plant but we have no food to eat. We want agriculture to improve so our country can live and so we peasants can live, too.” -Rilo Petit-homme, peasant organizer from St. Marc, Haiti What would it take to transform Haiti’s economy such that its role in the global economy is no longer that of providing cheap labor for sweatshops ? What would it take for hunger to no longer be the norm, for the country no longer to depend on imports and hand-outs, and for Port-au-Prince’s slums no longer to contain 85% of the city’s residents ? What would it take for the hundreds of thousands left homeless by the earthquake to have a secure life, with income ? According to Haitian peasant organizations, at the core of the solutions […]

Lawyers Worldwide Warn Against Danger of “Electoral Charade” in Haiti

By Kim Ives, Haiti Liberte This past week saw outcry from legal professionals around the globe against the election fiasco unfolding in Haiti after the Provisional Electoral Council’s exclusion of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s Lavalas Family party (FL) and 13 others from parliamentary elections set for Feb. 28 and Mar. 3, 2010.\ On Dec. 11, the Miami Herald published an Op-Ed in which lawyers Brian Concannon, Jr. and Ira Kurzban urged the Obama administration, the United Nations (UN) and the Organization of American States (OAS) “to step up and head off this disaster by refusing to finance the electoral charade.” With Washington’s support, the UNDP promised, prior to the widely-condemned exclusions, to provide $18 million for the election. Saying the unjustifiable disqualifications were without “constitutional legitimacy,” Concannon and Kurzban note that the Provisional Electoral Council or CEP “tried the same […]

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