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How Law Schools Are Changing Haiti’s System

One of Haiti’s major problems is limited access to justice for the majority of the population, which is poor. Even those who can afford lawyers often don’t understand legal proceedings because they’re conducted in French. Haiti also has a shortage of lawyers due to overwhelming obstacles post-law school. A few Haitian law schools, in partnership with US law clinics and public interest lawyers like at BAI, are fighting to change these norms. A new law clinic opening up in Jeremie will help speed the process even more. *This article was re-published by Australian news, SBS, April 4, 2017.* Establishing the Rule of Law in a Country Where Justice Hardly Exists Advocates are on a quest to improve the quality of life in Haiti through legal education. Jessica Carew Kraft, The Atlantic April 22, 2015 The president of the Haitian Bar Association, […]

Hastings Law Students Partner with Haitian Law Students

Over their spring break, a delegation of 9 students from UC Hastings College of the Law went to Haiti to support Haiti’s legal education system and engage in human rights advocacy. The trip was led by IJDH’s own Nicole Phillips, along with another Hastings professor. Among the activities during the trip, the Hastings students learned from BAI about the cholera case and BAI’s response to rapes of poor women and girls. As Mildred Aristide pointed out about trips like these: “Aid can only go so far. Training partnerships are more effective and are what’s needed.” Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Not Your Typical Spring Break The Hastings to Haiti Partnership Delegation spent the week engaging with Haitian law students and legal organizations. UC Hastings College of the Law March 30, 2015 “For many, Haiti […]

Haiti’s First Law Clinic Soon Begins in Jeremie

For about 15 years, University of California Hastings law students have partnered with a law school in Jeremie, Haiti. Hastings law students visit about once a year to meet with government and non-governmental reps and Haitian law students and professors. At another point in the year, the Haitian students and professors go visit Hastings. This year, Hastings students will help launch Haiti’s very first law clinic, in Jeremie. Given the myriad difficulties the poor majority has in accessing justice in Haiti, the clinic is expected to be a key part of the community. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti Trip Marks Quake Anniversary, Launches Nation’s First Law Clinic UC Hastings January 8, 2015 When she first visited Haiti after the earthquake in 2010, Professor Nicole Phillips remembers returning on a flight to Miami, […]

L’université Aristide ouvre sa faculté des sciences juridiques et politiques

By Louis-Joseph Olivier, Le Nouvelliste July 10, 2013   L’université de la fondation Aristide a annoncé, lundi, l’ouverture de sa faculté des sciences juridiques et politiques, avant de lancer un séminaire de formation sur la médecine sociale. Ces initiatives sont le fruit de partenariats entre l’université Aristide et des universités étrangères. L’université de la fondation Aristide (UNIFA) a lancé les inscriptions pour une nouvelle discipline, les sciences juridiques et politiques. L’annonce a été faite, lundi, par Mme Nicole Phillips, professeur à ladite faculté, lors d’une conférence de presse organisée à l’occasion de l’ouverture de cette nouvelle filière d’étude. « L’université de la fondation Aristide est ravie de l’ouverture de la faculté des sciences juridiques et politiques. L’équipe de la nouvelle faculté reflète la même diversité et le même partenariat que la faculté de médecine, » a déclaré l’avocate américaine, Nicole […]

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