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UN human rights expert: “UN lawyers undermine a just solution for the victims of cholera in Haiti”

UN human rights expert: “UN lawyers undermine a just solution for the victims of cholera in Haiti” NEW YORK (25 October 2016) – United Nations human rights expert Philip Alston claimed today that flawed and unfounded legal advice provided by the UN lawyers is preventing the Organization from accepting responsibility for the cholera outbreak that UN peacekeepers caused in Haiti in 2010. “The UN’s explicit and unqualified denial of anything other than a moral responsibility is a disgrace,” Alston said today. “If the United Nations bluntly refuses to hold itself accountable for human rights violations, it makes a mockery of its efforts to hold Governments and others to account,” he noted. Cholera was brought to Haiti for the first time in the country’s history by UN peacekeepers exactly six years ago. Almost 10,000 people have died as a result and […]

Haitian Government Makes Statement on Cholera for the First Time

This has been a year of first steps towards justice for Haiti’s cholera victims. For the first time since cholera was brought to Haiti by United Nations peacekeepers in 2010, a Haitian leader (interim President Jocelerme Privert) has made a statement demanding justice. About a month before that, a UN spokesperson finally admitted the UN’s involvement in causing the epidemic. Hopefully the Haitian government can keep the ball rolling towards cholera eradication and reparations. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Haiti calls on UN to eradicate cholera, assist victims Valéry Bennett, Haiti Sentinel September 23, 2016 NEW YORK, New York, US ( – For the first time since its introduction, a Haitian leader has joined the calls of its citizens in demanding the United Nations eradicate cholera and provide reparations to those affected by it. Haitian […]

President Privert Answers the Call of Cholera Victims in U.N. General Assembly Address

September 23, 2016 Friday morning, Provisional President of Haiti Jocelerme Privert addressed the 71st General Assembly of the United Nations. In his speech, he pledged the country’s support for the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, stressed the importance of the U.N.’s efforts to address the global refugee crisis, and made the case that Haiti was ready for its October 9th elections despite financial, technical, and logistical problems. It was the final portion of his remarks, though, that victims of cholera introduced by U.N. peacekeepers were most pleased to hear: (translated from French) “Over recent years, my country and people have suffered tremendously from waves of infectious diseases such as malaria, cholera, Zika, chikungunya, dengue, and I spare you more. In order to overcome these scourges, declarations of good intent, comforting though they are, are of no effect. We need real […]

Lèt tou louvri Viktim Kolera yo pou Prezidan Repiblik Dayiti a

Pòtoprens, 20 Septanm 2016 Lèt  tou louvri Viktim Kolera  yo pou Prezidan  Repiblik Dayiti a Objè : Mande prezidan Jocelerme Privert  pran pozisyon piblik pou kòz Viktim kolera yo Prezidan Repiblik la, Nou menm, 5000 viktim Kolera Misyon Nasyonzini pou Estabilize Ayiti  (Minista)  pote nan peyi a, ki te pote plent kont Loni, ekri w pou mande Leta Ayisyen pran pozisyon piblik ki marande ak revandikasyon viktim yo, kont Nasyonzini. Epi chita sou sipò entènasyonal la, kit se nan okazyon Asanble Jeneral Nasyonzini kap kòmanse 13 septanm pou bout 26 septanm nan, pou rive jwenn  nan men Nasyonzini yon  repons ki koupe fache ak zak vyolasyon dwa moun lap fè sou nou depi  lane 2010 ak maladi kolera li pote a. Sa fè sis (6) lane depi sòlda Minista yo vini ak kolera nan peyi a, nan jete matyè fekal […]

UN Chief Issues Historic Statement on Haiti Cholera, As Experts Call For A Robust UN Response to Victims

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Kermshlise Picard, Communications Coordinator, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti,; +1-617-652-0876 (Interviews available in English, French & Kreyòl)   UN Chief Issues Historic Statement on Haiti Cholera, As Experts Call For A Robust UN Response to Victims New York, September 21, 2016 – Before a gathering of the world’s leaders yesterday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon used his opening statement to the UN General Assembly to acknowledge the tremendous suffering wrought by cholera and commit to ‘a new approach’ that would fulfill the UN’s obligations to Haitians.  The Secretary-General also vowed to return to the General Assembly with more details, expected next month. “This statement by the Secretary-General during his final address to the General Assembly affirms the UN’s significant shift in position on the Haiti cholera issue after six years of denial […]

UN secretary general regrets cholera outbreak in Haiti

UN secretary general addresses cholera outbreak in Haiti during his address to the United Nations General Assembly. The outgoing secretary general said that the UN has a “moral responsibility” to address the tremendous suffering of the Haitian people after the cholera outbreak. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for full text. Outgoing UN secretary general says he regrets cholera outbreak in Haiti Jamaica Observer September 20, 2016 UNITED NATIONS, United States (CMC) — Outgoing United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Tuesday publicly expressed regret for the outbreak of cholera in Haiti. Addressing the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) for the last time, Ban said the cholera outbreak and the sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers in Central African had “tarnished the reputation of the United Nations and, far worse, traumatized many people we serve”. Ban, who steps down at […]

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