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Plan Proposed for Eradicating Cholera from Haiti

Ever since the United Nations began a cholera epidemic in Haiti in 2010, it has been covering that fact up. Now that the UN has finally admitted its involvement, there are steps it can take to stamp out the disease during Haiti’s dry season, before the wet season exacerbates the problem and cholera can claim more lives. These steps have been drafted by one of the epidemiologists who took the lead on uncovering the source of the epidemic. Will the UN heed the advice? Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. What the UN must do to wipe out cholera in Haiti Ralph R. Frerichs, Boston Globe August 22, 2016 IT IS NOT enough that the United Nations is finally beginning to acknowledge its involvement in the lethal cholera epidemic in Haiti. Now it must urgently do […]

UN Secretary General Candidates Divided on Cholera Justice

Below is an excerpt from the most recent UN Secretary General candidates’ debate, in which the candidates are asked how they would respond to the cholera epidemic in Haiti as Secretary General. While some of the candidates appeared conflicted, two stood out–one for and one against justice for the cholera victims. Click HERE for the recording. (In the first video, starts around 48:10.) The UN Debate Al Jazeera July 12, 2016 James Bays: I’d like to ask you now a specific question about a country that is one of the poorest of the world, and certainly one of the poorest in the Americas. It’s a question about Haiti because the UN’s involvement in Haiti is one that some have found very controversial. Clearly, there has been this outbreak of cholera, now the official figures say 9200 people have died from […]

UN Spokesperson Comments on Cholera in Haiti

Below is a partial transcript of the UN’s daily press briefing, in which a journalist from Al Jazeera English poses questions to UN Deputy Spokesperson Farhan Haq. Haq was questioned about Haiti’s current importance to the United Nations. In particular, he was asked about the intended $2.2 billion fund set up for Haiti cholera that is now less than 20% funded. He was also questioned about the UN Senior Coordinator in charge of the cholera response leaving his position. — Daily Press Briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General United Nations May 25, 2016 Question:  Farhan, if I can ask you for an update on what has become a bit of a forgotten crisis, if we go back over three years ago, the Secretary‑General announced that… with the Haitian Government they were going to set up a fund, […]

Barriers to Haiti’s Cholera Elimination Plan

One reason the cholera epidemic brought to Haiti by UN troops proliferated so rapidly is that Haiti has poor water and sanitation infrastructure. There is a national plan in place to rectify this but so far, it has not been very successful. This paper analyzes the barriers to that plan’s success, particularly in the most impoverished areas of Haiti. The abstract is below. Click HERE for the full paper. Haiti’s progress in achieving its 10-year plan to eliminate cholera: hidden sickness cannot be cured Vicki Koski-Karrell, Paul Farmer, Louise Ivers, Paul Namphy and others, Dove Press May 24, 2016 Since the beginning of the cholera epidemic in Haiti 5 years ago, the prevalence of this deadly water-borne disease has fallen far below the initial rates registered during its explosive outset. However, cholera continues to cause extensive suffering and needless deaths across […]

Leaked Report Adds to Embarrassment of UN Impunity [audio]

The denial of justice to Haiti’s cholera victims is becoming increasingly embarrassing for the United Nations, as a report has been leaked which shows that the UN knew that it was the source of cholera in Haiti, even as it continued to deny responsibility. While most people knew that the UN base near the top of Haiti’s main water source was the origin of the epidemic, this report reveals that the sanitation problems seen at that base were systemic across UN bases. This revelation comes on the heels of another report which estimates that the true death toll for cholera is likely four to ten times higher than what’s officially reported. Brian Concannon, IJDH Executive Director, explains these developments beginning at about 45:25. Haiti’s Cholera Crisis Sojourner Truth Radio April 6, 2016 Click HERE for original posting.

Former UN Official Denounces Lack of Cholera Accountability [Video]

In a short statement, Stephen Lewis, former Deputy Director of UNICEF and current Co-Director of AIDS-Free World, calls out the UN’s lack of accountability for the cholera epidemic in Haiti. Since peacekeepers introduced cholera, over 9000 people have died and over 750,000 have had the illness. Still the UN has failed to accept responsibility, install water and sanitation, or compensate the victims. Lewis points out that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s reputation will be “infinitely scarred” by the UN’s failure regarding Haiti. March 25, 2016

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