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Signs of Cholera Justice Starting to Come from the UN

Though the United Nations’ admission of involvement in Haiti’s cholera epidemic isn’t as strong as it could or should be, it still marks a turning point in the UN’s response to the epidemic. This admission comes along with many other important steps that build pressure for justice for Haiti’s cholera victims, including a few reports showing that the UN was responsible and continued poor sanitation practices years into the epidemic, and a statement from a UNn spokesman promising the revelation of a set of new actions against cholera in coming months. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Cholera In Haiti: Court Says Victims Can’t Sue, But U.N. Promises Amends Richard Knox, CommonHealth/WBUR August 19, 2016 In 2010, United Nations peacekeeper forces infected with cholera unleashed a devastating outbreak of the disease in Haiti. So far the epidemic […]

Why hasn’t the UN implemented the most effective cholera prevention measure?

A paper recently published by Yale University researchers shows that for less than $1 per peacekeeper, the United Nations could have prevented the cholera epidemic that continues to ravage Haiti five years later. The UN actually received similar recommendations–like administering a prophylactic dose of antibiotics to peacekeepers from countries with cholera–in 2011 but has not followed most of them. The UN claims that fear of creating antibiotic-resistant strains of cholera is what keeps it from implementing this basic life-saving recommendation. Scientists say that this concern is unfounded. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. A $1 Pill That Could Save Thousands Of Lives: Research Suggests Cheap Way To Avoid U.N.-Caused Cholera Richard Knox, WBUR February 5, 2016 Here’s a way to get a big bang for a buck: If a few hundred United Nations peacekeeping troops had […]

DR Threatens to Deport Dominicans of Haitian Descent

In September 2013, the Dominican Republic issued a ruling that left hundreds of thousands of Haitian descent stateless. After pressure from international and human rights groups and citizens of both countries, DR began a regularization plan but promised to deport those who missed the deadline after 7pm June 17th. With military personnel in DR “gearing up,” many fear that DR will make good on that promise. Click HERE for the original post and recording. Deadline Looms For Haitians In The Dominican Republic Here & Now on WBUR June 16, 2015 The Dominican government says that after 7 p.m. tomorrow, anyone who can’t show papers proving they’re in the country legally will be subject to expulsion. Hundreds of thousands of Haitians and people of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic have been scrambling to abide. The deportation threat has sparked international protests, […]

Cholera Hearing Will Scrutinize UN Immunity

Thursday, October 23 we will have a hearing in New York Federal Court, about the issue of UN immunity. This article does an excellent job of explaining what the hearing is all about and giving a brief history of the cholera epidemic in Haiti, which precipitated this case. It also features an interview with Brian Concannon, IJDH Executive Director. Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text. Outbreak On Trial: Who’s To Blame For Bringing Disease Into A Country? Richard Knox, WBUR’s CommonHealth October 17, 2014 If an international agency introduces a devastating disease to a country, should it be held accountable? That’s the big question at the heart of a court proceeding that gets underway next Thursday. The international agency is the United Nations. The disease is cholera. And the nation is Haiti. Four years ago this month, thousands of […]

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